Safe Management Measures (SMMs) for Law Soc CPD Events

All Law Soc CPD Staff will act as Safe Management Officers (SMOs) to aid in ensuring the safety of all participants. The following are the measures in place for all applicable Law Soc CPD events.
A. Safe Distancing
  1. All CPD events will ensure the following group sizes:
    • Maximum of 50 pax per zone
    • Maximum of 20 pax per cohort
    • Maximum of 5 pax per group
  2. Participants will be allocated registration time slots and specific points of check-in to reduce crowding.
  3. Attendees are reminded to ensure ≥1m spacing between individuals at all times and SMOs will be around to ensure compliance. All furniture in the space will be place ≥1m apart.
  4. Masks are to be kept on throughout the entire event. No food or/and drink are allowed. 
B. Health Checks and Protocols
    1. All attendees must show proof of TraceTogether check-in.
    2.  Any attendee displaying flu-like symptoms will be denied entry.
    3. Personal contact information of all attendees will be collected at point of registration to allow for contact tracing if necessary. All PDPA guidelines will be followed to the protect the data collected and the information will only be shared with the relevant authorities if necessary.
    4. All Law Soc staff and affiliated vendors will be compliant to the same health checks and protocols.
    5. All venues will be cleaned and sanitised prior to the commencement of the event.
C. Health Monitoring and Declaration
  1. All attendees are reminded to inform Law Soc CPD ( should there be any changes in your health. Please inform us if you are unwell and do not attend the event. All refunds will be processed accordingly.
  2. All attendees are to monitor their health for the next 14 days after the event for any COVID-19 symptoms. Attendees are to inform Law Soc CPD ( immediately if they are feeling unwell and to seek medical attention promptly.

Zone refers to attendees in one event space
Cohort refers to a portion of the attendees of a zone who are allowed to intermingle with one another in person.
Group refers to group size during meals or any other scenario where individuals are permitted to remove their masks.