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ChatGPT – Game Changer for Knowledge Management By now most would have heard of how OpenAI’s ChatGPT has been taking the world by storm since its launch in late November 2022. Why is ChatGPT prompting so much discussion? Its interface is user-friendly, even for the Luddite. One merely needs to type in any question in […]

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LRD COLLOQUIUM 19 MAY 2020 NOTES OF PROCEEDINGS This publication summarises the proceedings of the Colloquium as interpreted by the Legal Research and Development department of The Law Society of Singapore. Table of Contents About the Colloquium The Colloquium on ‘The Role of Lawyers in the Age of Disruption: Emerging Regulatory Challenges’ was held as […]

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The Law Society’s forum on ‘Witness Preparation: Where to Draw the Line?’ was held as a live webinar on 6 August 2020 and attended by over 400 members of the Law Society. Against the backdrop of the Singapore Court of Appeal’s 2018 decision in Ernest Ferdinand Perez De La Sala v Compañia De Navegación Palomar, […]

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LEGAL ETHICS & TECHNOLOGY … A BASIC UNDERSTANDING OF THE PARTICULAR TECHNOLOGY USED BY THE LAWYER TO ASSIST IN THE CLIENT’S MATTER IS BECOMING THE NEW ETHICAL NORM. For our inaugural Future Lawyer Bytes, we feature a quick chat with Alvin Chen. Director of the Legal Research & Development department at the Law Society of […]

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