Law Firm Closure Dates

 Law Practice: Start Date From End Date To
Abraham Teo & Co11/02/202109:00 AM12/02/202106:00 PM
APAC Law Corporation11/02/202101:00 PM11/02/202106:00 PM
Aquinas Law Alliance LLP10/02/202109:00 AM15/02/202106:00 PM
ASTUTE LEGAL LLC11/02/202101:00 PM15/02/202106:00 PM
AT LAW PRACTICE LLP11/02/202112:00 AM17/02/202111:45 PM
C S Lee23/12/202009:00 AM02/12/202110:15 AM
CHANG SEE HIANG & PARTNERS22/01/202109:00 AM22/01/202106:00 PM
Charis Chambers LLC11/02/202109:00 AM11/02/202106:00 PM
CHP Law LLC11/02/202109:00 AM11/02/202106:00 PM
CrossBorders LLC10/02/202101:00 PM11/02/202106:00 PM
GLORIA JAMES-CIVETTA & CO11/02/202109:00 AM15/02/202106:00 PM
Harry Elias Partnership LLP11/02/202109:00 AM11/02/202106:00 PM
HOH LAW CORPORATION11/02/202109:00 AM11/02/202106:00 PM
JING QUEE & CHIN JOO11/02/202109:00 AM15/02/202105:30 PM
Kalidass Law Corporation30/04/202112:00 AM30/04/202111:45 PM
Kalidass Law Corporation14/05/202108:00 AM14/05/202106:00 PM
Kalidass Law Corporation19/07/202108:00 AM19/07/202106:00 PM
Kalidass Law Corporation06/08/202108:00 AM06/08/202106:00 PM
Kalidass Law Corporation05/11/202108:00 AM05/11/202106:00 PM
Kalidass Law Corporation24/12/202108:00 AM24/12/202106:00 PM
KIM & CO11/02/202109:00 AM15/02/202105:30 PM
Linda Phua Law Practice11/02/202109:00 AM18/02/202106:30 PM
Matthew Chiong Partnership11/02/202109:00 AM14/02/202106:00 PM
Pathway Law Practice LLP10/02/202101:00 PM14/02/202109:00 PM
PERTINENT LAW LLP11/02/202109:00 AM16/02/202106:00 PM
PKWA LAW PRACTICE LLC11/02/202109:00 AM11/02/202106:00 PM
Quahe Woo & Palmer LLC11/02/202101:00 PM11/02/202106:00 PM
Quahe Woo & Palmer LLC15/02/202109:00 AM15/02/202106:00 PM
R. S. Solomon LLC11/02/202109:00 AM17/02/202106:00 PM
Rajan Chettiar LLC11/02/202109:00 AM11/02/202106:00 PM
S H Koh & Co11/02/202109:00 AM11/02/202105:45 PM
S H Koh & Co11/02/202109:00 AM15/02/202105:45 PM
TAN & PILLAI04/01/202110:00 AM29/01/202107:00 PM
Tan Kim Seng & Partners11/02/202112:00 AM15/02/202112:00 AM
Timothy Ng LLC11/02/202109:00 AM13/02/202111:45 PM
TZEDEK LAW LLC11/02/202109:00 AM11/02/202106:00 PM
TZEDEK LAW LLC15/02/202109:00 AM15/02/202106:00 PM
United Legal Alliance LLC11/02/202101:00 PM15/02/202106:00 PM
Willy Tay’s Chambers11/02/202109:00 AM14/02/202106:00 PM
Winchester Law LLC11/02/202109:00 AM15/02/202109:00 AM
Yeo & Associates LLC08/02/202109:00 AM15/02/202106:00 PM
 Law Practice: Start Date From End Date To
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