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Explainer: Web 3.0 for Lawyers Is “Web 3.0” an overhyped buzzword? Why do lawyers need to know what Web 3.0 is? In a nutshell, Web 3.0 promises to lead the next wave of technological innovations that can present new opportunities for law practices and lawyers. The short Q&A below helps to break down what Web […]

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The Future of Lawyering When I was a lad, we knew what the future would bring. It was going to involve piloting our flying cars to the office, holidays on Mars and taking our dinners in the form of nutri pills, because everyone would be too busy to do something as stone aged as cutting […]

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Law by design: what the legal profession can learn from design thinking Table of Contents Introduction In 2013, a group of designers, lawyers and technologists at Stanford University came together with the aim of developing innovative solutions to advance access to justice. They founded the Legal Design Lab (the Lab), based out of Stanford Law […]

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The “New Age” of the Legal Profession Table of Contents Why Quantitative Skills Matter for Lawyers Innumerable are the lawyers who explain that they picked law over a technical field because they have a ‘math block’ The Honourable Judge Richard Posner On 18 June 1964 at about 11 30 am, Mrs Juanita Brooks fell victim […]

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Should Lawyers be Coders? Table of Contents Introduction Scratch, Python and C++, three of the world’s most well known coding languages, may not be familiar to many lawyers. In recent years, the coding phenomenon has taken the world by storm with coding being touted not only as “the most important job skill of the future […]

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FUTURE-PROOFING FOR LAWYERS 101 Table of Contents A NUMBER OF POWERFUL FORCES ARE CONVERGING ON LEGAL PROFESSIONS ACROSS THE GLOBE. WHAT DOES THE FUTURE OF LAW HOLD FOR LAWYERS AND LAW PRACTICES? The Future of Law The future of law is not a subject that lawyers were taught at law school. Neither would it seem […]

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