PC Application

Apply for your Practising Certificate

To apply for your Practising Certificate (“PC”) for the practice year 2020/2021 (1 April 2020 – 31 March 2021), please follow these steps.

1. Apply for professional indemnity insurance from Lockton Companies (Singapore) Pte Ltd.

2. Wait for their confirmation email

  • After 24 Hours, submit your PC Application via eLitigation or LawNet Service Bureau

If you practised as partner or director, or if you were sole proprietor, or you held or received client’s money or conveyancing money, you will need to furnish an Accountant’s Report together with your PC Application.

The full calendar year (1st January to 30th December) preceding your PC Application or the period of time you last held a PC.

If your law practice did not hold or receive client’s money or conveyancing money, please prepare a Statutory Declaration in accordance with this specimen.

Please complete this form for Council’s consideration.

We encourage you to put in your PC Application as early in March as possible to allow ample time for Council of the Law Society to review your application.

Please note you need to declare in your application for PC if you have provided pro bono services in the preceding practice year and give details of each service including description of the specified pro bono service and total estimated amount of time (in hours) spent. ‘Specified pro bono service’ is defined in the Legal Profession (Mandatory Reporting of Specified Pro Bono Services) Rules 2015.

3. Additional Requirements for PC Application

3i) Voting in Annual Election of Council: Under section 50(2) Legal Profession Act (‘LPA’), a penalty of $500 is liable if you did not vote and have not been given a waiver from the voting requirement. A request for waiver under section 50(2) of the LPA (‘request’) is to be submitted before the advocate and solicitor submits the application for a PC. A request which is submitted after the application for a practising certificate and after the penalty of $500 has been paid will not be considered.

3ii) Continuing Professional Development: All advocates and solicitors admitted to the Singapore Supreme Court and holding Singapore Practising Certificates, and foreign lawyers registered under section 36B of the Legal Profession Act must meet the CPD requirements set out in the Legal Profession (Continuing Professional Development) Rules 2012 and the Guidelines made thereunder. Please ensure that you fulfil the requirements for CPD points before making your application for the PC. You can refer to the latest CPD guidelines here.

3iii) Certificates of Registration (CoR) issued by the Legal Services Regulatory Authority (LSRA) expire after 1, 2 or 3 years depending on the type of registration and the registration period selected by the law practice in the application form. The expiry date of the CoR is stated in the certificate. Please note that providing legal services in or from Singapore without a valid CoR is prohibited under the Legal Profession Act. It is the responsibility of the Registrant and the law practice to take note of the expiry date and ensure that CoRs are renewed promptly.

Note: If the law practice would like to register for limited access to the Practising Certificate module in eLitigation, you can also make an application through the Service Bureaux

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