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Access Markets Globally

In 2018 the Ministry of Law (“MinLaw”), the Law Society of Singapore (“LSS”) together with Enterprise Singapore launched a programme to assist  law firms venturing overseas. Called Lawyers Go Global, the programme connects Singapore legal expertise with global opportunities, through overseas mission trips, training, and branding and marketing.

Aimed especially at helping small and medium sized law firms who may have valuable niche expertise but lack resources to do their own market research to explore overseas markets on their own, Lawyers Go Global is aligned with MinLaw’s broader effort for Singapore to capture a greater share of international demand for legal services and enhance Singapore’s position as an international legal hub.

The Lawyers Go Global Programme will comprise the following initiatives:

Overseas Mission Trips

Progressively over three years, LSS with the support of MinLaw and Enterprise Singapore will organise mission trips to bring Singapore lawyers to fast growing regional countries, including China, India, and ASEAN countries. These mission trips will allow Singapore lawyers to gain a deeper understanding of the legal needs and business opportunities in these countries, and to connect with the local business and legal communities and government authorities. 


Another component of the programme is training where LSS with the support of MinLaw and Enterprise Singapore will organise training to equip Singapore lawyers with the skills and knowhow to seize global opportunities. These will include workshops on a) the legal regimes, business norms and economic opportunities of specific countries which the lawyers are interested; b) networking skills for lawyers; and c) branding strategies for law firms in overseas markets.

Branding and Marketing

The third component of Lawyers Go Global is to raise the profile of Singapore lawyers and promoting “The Singapore Lawyer” brand.  Click here for The Singapore Lawyer’s microsite.

Click here to view a sample page of the The Singapore Lawyer hand book. For enquiries or to purchase a copy of the handbook, please email

Lawyers Go Global is funded by Enterprise Singapore under its Local Enterprise and Association Development (“LEAD”) Programme. 

Members interested in participating in Lawyers Go Global can contact the Law Society’s Secretariat at  for more information.

Help during COVID-19 by various governments

In response to COVID-19 situation globally, various governments around the world have rolled out various support packages to help enterprises in-market.

ESG has put together a summary of relevant business support measures offered by governments in the respective overseas markets. This info kit will be useful to Singapore law firms with in-market operations

Click here for the summary.

News and Events

2 April 2018WorkshopMarket Familiarisation Workshop – China
8 to 12 April 2018Overseas MissionMission to Guangzhou
23 July 2018WorkshopMarket Familiarisation Workshop – Australia
30 July to 2 August 2018Overseas MissionMission to Sydney
20 August 2018WorkshopWorkshop on Joint Internationalisation of Lawyers and Accountants
27 August 2018WorkshopWorkshop on Networking Skills for Lawyers
31 August 2018WorkshopNetworking Event – Lex & Ratio
3 September 2018WorkshopMarket Familiarisation Workshop – Sri Lanka
10 to 14 September 2018Overseas MissionMission to Sri Lanka
16 January 2019WorkshopMarket Familiarisation Workshop – China
22 to 26 January 2019Overseas MissionMission to Beijing
6 March 2019WorkshopMarket Familiarisation Workshop – Japan
11 to 14 March 2019Overseas MissionMission to Japan
20 August 2019WorkshopMarket Familiarisation Workshop – Indonesia
27 to 30 August 2019Overseas MissionMission to Indonesia
9 September 2019WorkshopWorkshop on The Art of Effective Networking for Legal Professionals
22 May 2020Workshop Workshop on The Art of Effective Networking for Legal Professionals (1st Run)
29 May 2020WebinarDriving Lawyer-Accountant Collaboration in Regional Infrastructure Development
11 September 2020 Workshop Workshop on The Art of Effective Networking for Legal Professionals (2nd Run)
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