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Professional Indemnity Insurance


The Law Society’s Compulsory Professional Indemnity Insurance

Pursuant to section 75A of the Legal Profession Act (“LPA”) the Law Society’s Compulsory Professional Indemnity Insurance (the “Scheme”) was introduced in April 1991 to ensure every practising lawyer has minimum insurance coverage. The LPA requires a lawyer to apply for a Practising Certificate every year. Before the Practising Certificate is issued to a lawyer he must satisfy the Law Society that he has obtained the required minimum insurance cover. The Council of the Law Society will determine the amount of minimum insurance cover. 

Amount and Extent of Cover

Presently the Scheme provides S$1 million cover for each and every claim (inclusive of costs and expenses) for lawyers who practise in sole-proprietorships and partnerships and S$2 million for each and every claim (inclusive of costs and expenses) for lawyers who practise in limited liability law corporations (LLCs), and limited liability law partnerships (LLPs). 

The Scheme covers all practicing lawyers in the law practice, former practitioner, practice trainees, articled clerks  and acts of all employees of the law practice against civil liability that originates from any act or omission when providing legal services   or acting in incidental roles. 

The Scheme also covers liability of law practices from the dishonesty of employee lawyers and non-lawyer employees to the full limit of cover applicable to the law practice under the Scheme. 

What is Not Covered

The Scheme does not cover  loss caused by the fraud or dishonesty of any sole-proprietor, partner or director of any law practice.

Who can Claim?

Members of the Law Society who are in practice or have been in practice, as they are the insured, are eligible to make a claim.

A claim is made by the lawyer or LLC or LLP by giving written notice to the Scheme’s policy insurer(s) through the Law Society’s appointed Scheme Insurance Broker.

Note: If you are a client or a third party and would like to know whether you can make a claim against a lawyer, a law practice or its employees for any act or omission on their part,  please obtain independent legal advice.