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Admission to the Supreme Court of Singapore

Admission of advocates and solicitors is governed by Part IIA of the Legal Profession Act (the “Act”). For information on the qualifications to be admitted to the Singapore Bar, please refer to the Ministry of Law’s website.

The Law Society does not prescribe the qualifications for admission. The role of the Law Society is to assess fitness and suitability of the applicant for admission as an advocate and solicitor of the Supreme Court of Singapore after the application for admission has been filed in the Supreme Court of Singapore.

To assist supervising solicitors and practice trainees in addressing issues frequently arising from applications for admission as advocates and solicitors, the Admissions Committee of the Law Society has prepared a list of Frequently Asked Questions.

To assist applicants who intend to file their affidavit for call to the Singapore Bar, we have also prepared a checklist of the common errors to look out for in preparing the call affidavit. The Law Society’s checklist is intended to reduce the need for applicants to file supplementary affidavits to rectify these errors. Law practices and supervising solicitors are encouraged to draw the attention of applicants to the checklist.

Training Contracts

The requirements relating to the practice training period and practice training contracts are set out in the Legal Profession (Admission) Rules 2011. For further information on these requirements, please refer to the Singapore Institute of Legal Education.

Abridgement of time applications

Applicants who are unable to meet the timelines for filing of their admission papers may apply for an abridgement of time. For more information on making an abridgement application, please click here