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The Law Society Mentorship Scheme


What is it?

The Law Society Mentorship Scheme is a comprehensive and remodelled mentoring programme.

It aims to help mentees find a volunteer mentor from a pool of lawyers beyond their immediate network at the workplace. It provides a platform for the mentee to discuss issues such as ethical conundrums, practice-area related issues, mental well-being and career development, comfortably with the assigned mentor with full confidentiality.

The experience sharing as well as practical tips and advice of the mentor could help the mentee learn, grow and evolve throughout the legal journey. The new scheme also provides an option for the mentee to engage in reverse mentoring of technology skills and social media knowledge with the mentor subject to their mutual consent.

What is the format of the mentorship scheme?

The duration of the programme is 9 months, commencing in October 2023 and ending in June 2024.

Mentors and mentees are recommended to conduct 3 meetings of about 1 hour each. They can arrange to meet at their own discretion. The mentoring sessions may be conducted physically or virtually at a time and place of their convenience.

The mentor and mentee have the flexibility to decide on the structure of the meetings in their best interests, especially with regard to specific learning goals, preferences and mentoring styles.

Important Dates



21 Aug 2023 – 16 Sep 2023

Applications open.

25 Sep 2023 – 28 Sep 2023

Applicants will be informed of the outcome of their application.Prospective mentors will receive an invite for a sharing session over Zoom with our experienced panel of mentors to learn more about practical tips on conducting the mentorship sessions.

1 Oct 2023

Programme commences.

5 Oct 2023

Opening introductory session.

26 Jun 2024

Closing dinner. Collection of feedback from mentors and mentees commences.

30 Jun 2024

Programme ends.

Eligibility for Mentors and Mentees

Mentors and mentees must be members (including Associates and Non-Practitioner Members) of the Law Society of Singapore. There is no minimum post-qualified experience required for mentees. Please contact us at if you have any enquiries about eligibility.

Expectations of Mentors and Mentees

What is the matching criteria?

The Working Group will work with the Secretariat to select suitable mentors and mentees and match them, taking into consideration their preferences and requirements. All requests for mentorship will be kept confidential. Complete the online forms linked below and we will contact you.

Click here for mentee.

Click here for mentor.

What are the fees?

Mentees will be charged SGD 20 (inclusive of GST) to sign up for the programme.