Law Firm Closure Dates

 Law Practice: Start Date From End Date To
Joyce A. Tan & Partners LLC31/12/202108:30 AM31/12/202106:00 PM
Kalidass Law Corporation24/12/202108:00 AM24/12/202106:00 PM
Joyce A. Tan & Partners LLC24/12/202108:30 AM24/12/202106:00 PM
Kalidass Law Corporation05/11/202108:00 AM05/11/202106:00 PM
Kalidass Law Corporation06/08/202108:00 AM06/08/202106:00 PM
Kalidass Law Corporation19/07/202108:00 AM19/07/202106:00 PM
Imperial Law LLC26/05/202112:00 AM26/05/202111:45 PM
Karuppan Chettiar & Partners12/05/202106:00 PM17/05/202109:00 AM
A L HUSSIEN & FAIZAL WAHYUNI12/05/202103:00 PM17/05/202109:00 AM
Abdul Rahman Law Corporation12/05/202112:00 AM16/05/202112:00 AM
Alan Shankar & Lim LLC (Manhattan House Office)13/05/202109:00 AM16/05/202111:45 PM
Pathway Law Practice LLP13/05/202109:00 AM16/05/202106:00 PM
A. MOHAMED HASHIM11/05/202105:30 PM16/05/202111:45 PM
Millennium Law LLC13/05/202112:00 AM14/05/202111:45 PM
CHP Law LLC14/05/202109:00 AM14/05/202106:00 PM
Regent Law LLC14/05/202109:00 AM14/05/202106:30 PM
Kishan Law Chambers LLC14/05/202109:00 AM14/05/202106:00 PM
Kalidass Law Corporation14/05/202108:00 AM14/05/202106:00 PM
Fabian & Khoo14/05/202109:00 AM14/05/202106:00 PM
KIM & CO14/05/202109:00 AM14/05/202105:00 PM
Bird & Bird ATMD LLP14/05/202108:45 AM14/05/202105:30 PM
Tan, Oei & Oei LLC14/05/202109:00 AM14/05/202105:00 PM
Haridass Ho & Partners14/05/202112:00 AM14/05/202111:45 PM
C Paglar & Co14/05/202109:00 AM14/05/202105:30 PM
R.W. Law Practice12/05/202109:30 AM14/05/202106:30 PM
Peter Low & Choo LLC14/05/202109:00 AM14/05/202106:00 PM
SALEHAH & CO12/05/202101:00 PM14/05/202106:00 PM
CIVIC Legal LLC14/05/202108:00 AM14/05/202107:00 PM
Regent Law LLC14/05/202112:00 AM14/05/202112:00 AM
A H SULTAN & ASSOCIATES12/05/202108:45 AM14/05/202106:00 PM
SEGERAM & CO14/05/202109:00 AM14/05/202105:30 PM
DL LAW CORPORATION14/05/202109:00 AM14/05/202106:00 PM
TYTO LLC14/05/202109:00 AM14/05/202106:00 PM
 Law Practice: Start Date From End Date To