Law Firm Closure Dates

 Law Practice: Start Date From End Date To
A P Law Practice LLC28/01/202212:00 AM07/02/202211:45 PM
Abraham Teo & Co31/01/202209:00 AM04/02/202206:00 PM
Acclaim Law LLC31/01/202209:00 AM31/01/202206:00 PM
Adsan Law LLC31/01/202201:00 PM31/01/202206:00 PM
Advance Law LLC03/02/202209:00 AM03/02/202206:00 PM
Alan Shankar & Lim LLc (Manhattan House)29/01/202209:00 AM05/02/202211:45 PM
Alpha Law LLC31/01/202209:00 AM03/02/202206:00 PM
Andrew Tan Tiong Gee & Co.31/01/202209:00 AM31/01/202206:00 PM
Anthony Law Corporation31/01/202209:00 AM02/02/202206:00 PM
APAC Law Corporation31/01/202209:00 AM31/01/202206:00 PM
Aptus Law Corporation31/01/202208:30 AM31/01/202206:00 PM
ASIA LAW CORPORATION31/01/202201:00 PM31/01/202206:00 PM
Asia Practice LLC31/01/202209:00 AM31/01/202206:00 PM
Aspiral Law Corporation31/01/202201:00 PM04/02/202206:00 PM
Astute Legal LLC31/01/202209:00 AM31/01/202206:00 PM
AT Law Practice LLP31/01/202209:00 AM04/02/202206:00 PM
Attorneys Inc. LLC (Clifford Office)31/01/202209:00 AM31/01/202206:00 PM
Attorneys Inc. LLC (Fullerton Office)31/01/202209:00 AM31/01/202206:00 PM
Attorneys Inc. LLC (Suntec Office)31/01/202209:00 AM31/01/202206:00 PM
Baker & McKenzie.Wong & Leow31/01/202201:00 PM31/01/202206:00 PM
Beacon Law Corporation31/01/202209:00 AM04/02/202206:00 PM
Bird & Bird ATMD LLP31/01/202208:45 AM31/01/202205:30 PM
BR Law Corporation31/01/202209:00 AM31/01/202206:00 PM
Braddell Brothers LLP31/01/202209:00 AM31/01/202205:30 PM
C Paglar & Co31/01/202202:00 PM06/02/202211:45 PM
C S Lee28/01/202209:00 PM04/02/202210:00 AM
C.Fu LLC31/01/202212:00 AM06/02/202211:45 PM
Capital Law Corporation31/01/202209:00 AM31/01/202206:00 PM
Catherine LIm LLC31/01/202212:00 AM03/02/202212:00 AM
Chambers Law LLP31/01/202212:00 AM04/02/202211:45 PM
Characterist LLC31/01/202201:00 PM31/01/202206:00 PM
Cheng & Co28/01/202209:00 AM07/02/202209:00 AM
CHP Law LLC31/01/202201:00 PM31/01/202206:00 PM
Chung Ting Fai & Co.31/01/202209:00 AM03/02/202206:00 PM
CK Tan Law Corporation31/01/202209:00 AM04/02/202205:00 PM
CNPLaw LLP31/01/202209:00 AM31/01/202206:00 PM
Continental Law LLP28/01/202206:30 PM04/02/202208:45 AM
Crossbows LLP31/01/202212:00 AM04/02/202211:45 PM
Damodara Ong LLC31/01/202209:00 AM31/01/202211:45 PM
DCMO Law Practice LLC28/01/202201:00 PM03/02/202212:00 AM
DG Law LLC31/01/202209:00 AM06/02/202205:30 AM
Edmond Pereira Law Corporation31/01/202201:00 PM03/02/202206:00 PM
Eugene Thuraisingam LLP31/01/202209:00 AM31/01/202206:00 PM
Fabian & Khoo31/01/202209:00 AM31/01/202205:30 PM
Foo & Partners31/01/202208:30 AM31/01/202205:00 PM
Foresight Law Corporation31/01/202209:00 AM31/01/202206:00 PM
Fortis Law Corporation31/01/202212:00 AM02/02/202211:45 PM
Gloria James-Civetta & Co31/01/202208:30 AM31/01/202205:30 PM
Gloria James-Civetta & Co03/02/202208:30 AM04/02/202205:30 PM
Goh JP & Wong LLC31/01/202209:00 AM31/01/202206:00 AM
 Law Practice: Start Date From End Date To