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About us

Lee & Lee is one of Singapore’s leading law firms.

Our firm’s criminal practice is supported by a team of dedicated lawyers who are attentive and empathetic to our clients’ needs and circumstances. We have vast experience in being instructed, by both individuals and companies, to represent them in criminal proceedings ranging from “white” and “blue” collar crimes, as well as statutory or regulatory offences.

From assisting clients in pre-litigation advice and investigations, bail proceedings, representations to authorities, conduct of trials to comprehensive post-trial or appeal assistance, our lawyers are fully committed in providing our clients with comprehensive advice on a suitable course in their best interests.

The types of matters we handle include:

  • White-Collar type offences, such as offences under the Securities and Futures Act, offences under the Prevention of Corruption Act, etc.
  • Offences under the Penal Code, ranging from property-related offences such as theft and cheating or forgery, harm to person(s) offences such as causing hurt or grievous hurt, to sexual offences such as outrage of modesty or rape, etc.
  • Other offences under various statutes including the Company Act, Computer Misuse Act, Customs Acts, Immigration Act, Misuse of Drugs Act, Road Traffic Act, etc.

Our guiding ethos is to be a fierce guardian and relentless advocate of our clients’ interests in the face of grave allegations even as we uphold the rule of law. Our strong team of legal gunslingers are equipped with incisive minds that take pride in meticulous preparation and spare no effort in advancing our clients’ best case.

Our Lawyers

Julian Tay

DID: +65 6557 4623
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Anthony Wong

DID: +65 6557 4879
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