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Welfare Fund

What is it?

Members, former members as well as their spouses, widows, children and other dependants who are in need of financial assistance for one or more of the following reasons may apply for financial assistance under the Welfare Fund:

  1. Lack of income due to illness or incapacity;
  2. To defray medical expenses of the member, former member or their spouse, widow, children or other dependants;
  3. Towards the education of the children of members or former members;
  4. Such other reason as Council of the Law Society may approve.

The Council may, in its sole and absolute discretion, grant an emergency one-off grant not exceeding $1,000 in cash (or its equivalent in kind) to a member facing an emergency situation resulting in financial hardship but not satisfying the criteria stipulated under Rules 1 (i) to (iii) above.

Awards under the Welfare Fund are made by the Council of the Law Society upon application. The Council of the Law Society may prescribe such guidelines, including but not limited to, means tests for the awarding of grants from the Fund.

Who can Apply?

Any members, former member as well as their spouses, widows, children and their dependants.

How to Apply?

Application forms for a grant under the Welfare Fund may be obtained at the office of the Law Society or click here to download. Simply submit the completed application form to the Communications and Membership Interests Department of the Law Society.