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Law Society Risk Management Framework and Resources

5 Core Areas of Risk
Risk Management Process


Relevant Resources



  1.  e-Learning: Understanding and Managing Risks in a Law Practice
  2. e-Learning: Legal Profession (Solicitors’ Accounts) Rules
  3. e-Learning: Ethics in Practice
  4. LawSoc Unlimited e-Learning inclusive of:
    • AML seminar
    • Day of Conveyancing Highlights
    • Challenging Clients, Challenged Lawyers
    • Are You Prepared for a Cyberattack Against Your Law Firm?


  1. Legal Practice Management Course
  2. AML Seminar
  3. Day of Conveyancing Highlights
  4. Challenging Clients, Challenged Lawyers

Operational Risk

Succession planning

Business Continuity Plans

Financial Risks

Quality Risks

Regulatory Risks

Reputational Risks

The LawSoc Risk Management Framework and its resources are managed by the LawSoc CPD department alongside the Legal Research and Development (LRD) department. With the support of our consultants Angeline Poon and Yasho Dhoraisingam.