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Law Society Family Law Mediation and Neutral Evaluation Scheme


Mediation in Family Law matters

Mediation is a private process where parties agree to refer their family dispute to a mediator(s) whose role will be to assist the parties in arriving at a mutually acceptable resolution of the dispute. Unlike litigation, the resolution of the family dispute is not dependent on a third party imposing a decision on the parties.

The Law Society Mediation Scheme has set up a specialist Family Law arm that allows for the resolution of family law disputes through mediation in a cost-effective and timely manner and provides disputants with an opportunity to resolve their family law disputes without having to resort to or continue with litigation.

Neutral Evaluation in Family Law matters

The aim of the neutral evaluation process is to create stable truces and lasting peace by dealing with family disagreements and disputes that do not reach formal proceedings.

The advantages of the neutral evaluation process under the specialist Family Law arm of the Law Society Neutral Evaluation Scheme are that parties are not permanently saddled with the result and they have a subsequent chance of asserting their rights through the formal dispute resolution processes.

An evaluation is advisory only and provides the parties with a review of merits of each of their case by an independent third party. Every single stage of the process is limited by time to avoid any unnecessary prolongation of the matter.

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