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With effect from 12 April 2012, the Alternative Dispute Resolution (‘ADR’) Committee of the Law Society has implemented a pro bono arbitration scheme (‘Pro Bono Arbitration Scheme’) under the umbrella of the LSAS, with the aim of supporting the Presumption of ADR Scheme by the State Courts.

How does the Pro Bono Arbitration Scheme differ from the original LSAS?

The Pro Bono Arbitration Scheme is only applicable to disputes of up to $20,000, with arbitrations to be conducted on a ‘documents-only’ basis. The usual LawSoc Arbitration Rules will apply to arbitrations conducted under the Pro Bono Arbitration Scheme, save that the sole arbitrator will waive his or her fees for the matter.

The types of disputes that may be referred to the Pro Bono Arbitration Scheme will be the same as that available under the LSAS.

Why offer arbitration on a pro bono basis?

The Pro Bono Arbitration Scheme was launched in conjunction with the Subordinate Courts’ (before it was renamed) Presumption of ADR Scheme which is launched in the 2nd quarter of 2012.

The ADR options offered under the Presumption of ADR Scheme are mediation, neutral evaluation and arbitration under the LSAS.

The Pro Bono Arbitration Scheme hopes to encourage litigants to which or whom the Presumption of ADR applies, to opt for arbitration via LSAS, as their preferred mode of ADR.

Who are the arbitrators on the Pro Bono Arbitration Scheme?

For a list of the LSAS arbitrators on the Pro Bono Arbitration Scheme, please click here.