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Law Firm Closure Dates

 Law Practice: Start Date From End Date To
Joyce A. Tan & Partners LLC24/12/202401:00 PM24/12/202406:00 PM
Joyce A. Tan & Partners LLC31/12/202401:00 PM31/12/202406:00 PM
A H Sultan & Associates01/03/202408:45 AM05/03/202406:00 PM
Anthony Law Corporation29/02/202409:00 AM01/03/202406:00 PM
Acclaim Law LLC29/02/202409:00 AM01/03/202406:00 PM
Pertinent Law LLP14/06/202409:00 AM17/06/202406:00 PM
Song Ling & Partners29/03/202409:00 AM08/04/202406:00 PM
Law Connect LLC09/05/202409:00 AM20/05/202406:00 PM
Incisive Law LLC09/02/202409:00 AM12/03/202406:00 PM
Kim and Co04/03/202409:00 AM04/03/202405:30 PM
DAVID LIEW LAW PRACTICE27/02/202409:00 AM29/02/202405:30 PM
Sim Law Practice LLC29/02/202409:00 AM01/03/202406:00 PM
Y S CHUNG LAW CORPORATION09/03/202412:00 AM17/03/202411:45 PM
 Law Practice: Start Date From End Date To