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Law Firm Closure Dates

 Law Practice: Start Date From End Date To
Invictus Law Corporation23/11/202301:00 PM10/12/202311:45 PM
Sim Mong Teck & Partners22/12/202301:00 PM22/12/202306:00 PM
Sim Mong Teck & Partners29/12/202301:00 PM29/12/202306:00 PM
Sim Mong Teck & Partners09/02/202401:00 PM09/02/202406:00 PM
Tan, Oei & Oei LLC22/12/202305:00 PM01/01/202405:00 PM
Continental Law LLP – #25-0430/11/202306:00 PM15/12/202309:00 AM
Union Law LLP (Main Office)22/12/202306:00 PM01/01/202411:45 PM
UNION LAW LLP22/12/202306:00 PM02/01/202410:00 PM
UNION LAW LLP (BRANCH OFFICE)22/12/202306:00 PM02/01/202410:00 PM
A.W. Law LLC18/12/202308:00 AM01/01/202408:00 AM
David Nayar and Associates26/12/202308:00 AM01/01/202406:00 PM
TJH Law Corporation26/12/202308:30 AM26/12/202306:00 PM
TJH Law Corporation29/12/202308:30 AM29/12/202306:00 PM
Gloria James-Civetta & Co29/12/202308:30 AM29/12/202305:30 PM
Rajah & Tann Singapore LLP22/12/202308:30 AM22/12/202306:00 PM
Rajah & Tann Singapore LLP29/12/202308:30 AM29/12/202306:00 PM
TSMP Law Corporation26/12/202308:45 AM29/12/202311:45 PM
Dentons Rodyk & Davidson LLP29/12/202308:45 AM29/12/202305:45 PM
A H SULTAN & ASSOCIATES12/12/202308:45 AM26/12/202306:00 PM
Covenant Chambers LLC26/12/202309:00 AM26/12/202306:00 PM
APAC Law Corporation09/02/202409:00 AM09/02/202406:00 PM
Pertinent Law LLP09/02/202409:00 AM13/02/202406:00 PM
Aptus Law Corporation (The Plaza Office)15/12/202309:00 AM02/01/202409:00 AM
Kannan SG23/12/202309:00 AM02/01/202406:00 PM
C S Lee08/12/202309:00 AM18/12/202310:00 AM
TC&G Law Corporation09/02/202409:00 AM13/02/202406:00 PM
Edmund Hendrick & Partners28/11/202309:00 AM12/12/202305:00 PM
Tracy Wang Law Practice08/01/202409:00 AM11/01/202409:00 AM
Everest Law LLC26/12/202309:00 AM29/12/202306:00 PM
Kalidass Law Corporation23/12/202309:00 AM01/01/202406:00 PM
A A Khan Law Practice15/12/202309:00 AM03/01/202406:00 PM
Kim and Co21/12/202309:00 AM22/12/202305:00 PM
Winchester Law LLC26/12/202309:00 AM02/01/202405:30 PM
JP Dendroff & Co15/12/202309:00 AM03/01/202409:00 AM
Julie Tok Law Corporation24/11/202309:00 AM08/12/202306:00 PM
WLAW LLC22/12/202309:00 AM22/12/202306:00 PM
WLAW LLC29/12/202309:00 AM29/12/202306:00 PM
S H Tan & Associates23/12/202309:00 AM01/01/202405:00 PM
R Tiwary & Co18/12/202309:00 AM02/01/202409:00 AM
Pereira & Tan LLC22/12/202309:00 AM22/12/202306:00 PM
Salem Ibrahim LLC29/12/202309:00 AM29/12/202306:00 PM
Gopal Perumal & Co26/12/202309:00 AM29/12/202305:30 PM
Anthony Law Corporation29/02/202409:00 AM01/03/202406:00 PM
Acclaim Law LLC29/02/202409:00 AM01/03/202406:00 PM
PKWA Law Practice LLC09/02/202409:00 AM09/02/202406:00 PM
Kishan Law Chambers LLC23/12/202309:00 AM01/01/202406:00 PM
Dominion LLC26/12/202309:00 AM29/12/202305:30 PM
Sim Mong Teck & Partners13/02/202409:00 AM13/02/202406:00 PM
Anthony Law Corporation09/02/202409:00 AM09/02/202406:00 PM
Acclaim Law LLC09/02/202409:00 AM09/02/202406:00 PM
 Law Practice: Start Date From End Date To

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