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About us

Vaswani Law Chambers is an experienced, client-focused full-service law firm offering a range of professional services, with a special focus in Criminal and Civil Litigation. Ranked in Singapore’s Best Law Firms 2023 by The Straits Times, the firm also represents clients in Commercial and Family Law matters.

The firm places a great degree of emphasis on strategy, research and planning, with the ethos that successful outcomes don’t occur by chance.

The firm is helmed by the accomplished former Deputy Public Prosecutor, Deputy Senior State Counsel and National Day Medal Winner, Sanjiv Vaswani, who was trained and educated in the United Kingdom. His distinguished courtcraft and cross-examination prowess is often featured and quoted in the media, and there is a video clip of one of his famous cases playing in the State Courts Heritage Gallery on a continuous loop.

Whether you are seeking an experienced trial litigator, want to file an appeal with the authorities, or are simply looking for someone to guide and advise you on the law, Vaswani Law Chambers can help. Message them via WhatsApp to 8847 6630 or e-mail

Area of Practice

Accident & Personal Injury Claims

If you or a loved one has suffered an injury arising out of someone else’s negligence, you probably have a lot on your mind. Let Vaswani Law Chambers ease the burden of your legal worries. We help our clients understand the legal processes involved in being compensated for their injuries, suffering, medical bills, and time-off from work, all with a healthy dose of compassion. Take the first step to protecting your rights. Contact us for a free, no obligation consultation.

Our Lawyers

Sanjiv Vaswani, P. Kepujian

Managing Director

A former Deputy Public Prosecutor with the Attorney-General’s Chambers, Singapore (AGC), Sanjiv carries with him more than a decade’s worth of experience in Litigation, having conducted hundreds of cases, many of which during his time with what was then known as AGC’s Financial and Technology Crime Division.

Rising through the ranks, Sanjiv was appointed Deputy Senior State Counsel, and in addition to being honoured with a Long Service Award, was also bestowed the Commendation Medal (Pingat Kepujian) by the President during the National Day Awards in 2018. 

Known for being a tenacious litigator with a wide-ranging skillset, Sanjiv is adept at dealing with matters that are document intensive and technologically advanced.