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Timothy Ng LLC

About us

We advise and represent both corporate and individual clients and offer the following services:

  1. Bespoke advice on the law;
  2. Liaison with the charging authority and/or police;
  3. Making representations for the withdrawal or reduction of charges;
  4. Interviewing witnesses and collation of evidence; and
  5. Preparation and submission of mitigation pleas.


  1. Corporate Offence
  2. Criminal Breach of Trust
  3. Money Laundering
  4. Tax Crimes
  5. Insider Dealing
  6. Offences Relating to Computer Crimes
  7. Sexual Offences
  8. Rioting, causing grievous hurt, assault
  9. Traffic Offences
  10. Offences Under The Moneylenders Act
  11. Smuggling
  12. Maid Abuse Allegations

Our Lawyers

Timothy Ng

Timothy Ng Wai Keong


Tel: +65 6226 3650


  • LL.B, University of Buckingham
  • LL.M, National University of Singapore
  • Advocate & Solicitor, Supreme Court of Singapore
  • Notary Public and a Commissioner for Oaths in Singapore
  • Member of the Bar of England and Wales, Gray’s Inn
  • Fellow of the Singapore Institute of Arbitrators
  • Fellow of the Asian International Arbitration Centre
  • Member of Panel of Mediators of Shenzhen Qianhai International Commercial Mediation Center

Timothy Ng Wai Keong is a widely respected dispute resolution lawyer and consistently receives instructions and referrals from fellow members of the Bar. He has been mentored by a retired high court judge and two Senior Counsel. In addition to practice, he has been invited to teach at three local universities and has taught postgraduate or undergraduate courses at NTU, NUS (where he was an adjunct associate professor) and he is presently lecturing at SUSS.

Timothy is widely regarded for three broad areas of disputes, namely construction and infrastructure, corporate and crime. In respect of criminal matters, Timothy has successfully defended clients charged with:

  1. Money laundering and other white collar offences;
  2. Cheating offences;
  3. Sexual offences; and
  4. Battery and assault-related offences.

Timothy is inclined to accept briefs on money laundering, corruption, tax crimes and the white collar offence.