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At Gloria James-Civetta & Co (“GJC Law”), we fight to defend the rights of our clients, and have built our reputation by providing sensible and practical advice, as well as perseverance and experience to achieve our goals. You can count on our criminal lawyers to help and guide you through your legal matter by offering a clear explanation of the law and receiving dedicated representation throughout the courtroom process.

Our co-founding lawyer, Ms Gloria James, has 25 years' of extensive Courtroom experience, representing both local and expat clients in blue and white-collar crimes in Singapore. Gloria and her team take pride in making sure you receive the highest level of care from a dedicated team representing you during the investigation stage and in Court.


At GJC Law, our lawyers believe in representation at the most immediate opportunity and stress the importance of putting your case forward even if it’s at the initial stage of investigations.

Our approach produces results, with clients either having their charges dropped or a stern warning administered or a conditional warning being given or having the matter compounded altogether.

The GJC law team includes legal practitioners with a large team of paralegals & support staff. We also consult with numerous professionals for the benefit of our clients. Our team is available 24/7 for emergencies.

Our Criminal Representation Lawyers can help if you:

• Are under police investigation and required to attend a formal interview with police
• Have been charged by the police and have to attend court
• Have been served with a Private Summons Prosecutions / Magistrate’s Complaint
• Want to initiate a Private Summons Prosecutions / Magistrate’s Complaint
• Want to initiate an application for Prevention of the Harassment Act (POHA)

Affordable Fee Agreements and Flexible payment Options.

We offer a Flat Fee rate for each stage of your case. In this agreement, a single fixed price is paid up to a particular stage of the case. During your free consultation, criminal lawyers at Gloria James-Civetta & Co will work with you to review the flat fee and payment options available to you. This type of agreement limits the amount of financial exposure you will have for your case, particularly in a plead-guilty case when charged in Court.

Criminal Law Process Singapore Blog

Our Singapore Criminal Lawyer Blog ( covers the whole of the Criminal Law Procedure in Singapore, from being arrested, charged in court, through to the final verdict. This valuable information will enable you to better understand the Singapore Criminal Law System.

Our team
lead by Ms. Gloria James

Gloria James CivettaMs. Gloria James is a Criminal Representation lawyer. She’s a veteran of 25 years' in the practice of Criminal Law and has appeared and represented clients in high profile cases, be it in the State Courts, Magistrate’s Appeal, High Court and Court of Appeal.

She had the privileged to be mentored by Sir Nicholas Bratza, QC (a former President of the European Courts of Human Rights) and the late Mr Subhas Anandan (one of Singapore’s most famous criminal lawyers).

Gloria has acted for local and expat clients in white collar and blue collar criminal law matters. When assigned with a case, right from the initial stage, Gloria’s ability to take a client through the process with care and in a rational manner, provides peace of mind for the client.

Gloria believes in representation at the most immediate opportunity and stresses the importance of putting your case forward even if it’s at the initial stage of investigation. Her approach produces results. Clients have either had their charges dropped, a stern warning administered, a conditional warning being given or having the matter compounded altogether. Almost half of her criminal matters are dealt with at the pre-court stage.

Gloria does not hesitate to refer a client for psychiatric evaluation and with a treatment plan sought. This helps in cases where a client is facing a community court matter and is likely to receive a community-based sentence.

Over the years, she has represented clients charged for Murder, Manslaughter, Rape, Molest, Sexual Offences, Criminal Intimidation, Drug Trafficking, Drug Consumption, Drug Possession, Affray, Assault, Rioting, Theft offences, Corruption, Fraud, Forgery, Cheating, Misappropriation, Offences against Public Servants, Road Traffic Matters, ICA matters, MOM matters, Offences under the Women’s Charter, Children and Young Persons Act, Juvenile Offences, Harassment, Stalking, Cyber-bullying, Cyber Crime offences, Computer Misuse Act, and several other offences under the Penal Code.

Gloria had served as a Vice-Chairman of the Criminal Law Practice Committee of the Law Society of Singapore for 6 years. She was acknowledged for her efforts and received an award for being a Pro-Bono Lawyer and Plague of Appreciation from the Law Society of Singapore.

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