We have been catering to clients in the FinTech industry and advising them on the relevant laws and regulations pertaining to businesses and transactions involving securities, financial products and services, FinTech products and services and block chain activities in Singapore.

The clients we serve in this area of practice range from businesses using block chain technology to digital token platforms and exchanges to companies intending to raise funds through ICOs.

Contact us if you require guidance on the regulatory and licensing regime under the Payment Services Act; you are intending to adopt and leverage on any e-payment or e-loyalty technology for your business; you are wondering how the Payment Services Act affects the block chain or FinTech activity of your business or you require any guidance on risk management such as AML/CFT measures on your e-payment framework or you are implementing a framework incorporating the regulatory requirements under the Payment Services Act or structuring an e-payment arrangement such as a re-seller arrangement.

Avodah Advocates LLC
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