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Trusts, Wills, Probate & LPA


About us

Our law practice was founded more than 30 years ago in 1984 by the late Mr Alec Crowther Fergusson, a British solicitor from London. Alec came to Singapore in 1958 to join the law firm Drew & Napier, and remained with them for over 25 years as a corporate lawyer.

In 1984 Alec left Drew & Napier where he was a Senior Partner to start his own litigation firm under the style of his name. In 1996, Mrs Alice Tan joined him and the firm became a partnership in 1997 called A.C. Fergusson & Partners. Alec passed away on 26 March 2000, and Mrs Alice Tan headed the Firm, changing it to a Law Corporation since 2012.

Now in operation for more than 30 years, we are engaged in six core areas of business, namely Family Law (including Adoption, Divorces and Deputyship Applications), Estate & Succession (including Wills), Conveyancing, Civil Litigation, Commercial Law, and Corporate Work & Secretarial Practice.

Together, the lawyers run the practice efficiently with dedication and compassion towards clients’ problems.

Area of Practice

Wills, Probate and Administration

When your loved one passes away, you might be left with an array of legal issues pertaining to his/her estate. There could be issues pertaining to disagreements between joint executors, beneficiaries or executors who refuse to administer the estate. Sibling rivalry might be the cause of disputes where the joint executors and/or beneficiaries take sides and are unable to agree. Mediation may be appropriate but some matters may turn contentious despite mediation attempts. Long drawn battles over estates are not rare.

At A C Fergusson, you will find a team experienced in the probate process, who have the legal expertise to handle your estate issues. We can handle contentious probate issues and also deal with complex familial situations where you need lawyers to mediate and resolve issues between beneficiaries and/or joint executors. Our lawyers treat such family issues with due care and compassion.

We believe that families should not be torn apart over estate issues and will strive to resolve probate contests in the most efficient and cost saving manner in order to prevent acrimony between beneficiaries and family members.

Grant of Probate

Upon the passing of a loved one and after his/her funeral, it is advisable for the next of kin to make a search among the deceased’s belongings for a Will. Where the deceased left a Will, the executor has to apply for probate and kick start the probate process to obtain a grant.

Grant of Letters of Administration

Where the deceased did not leave a Will, the beneficiaries/next-of-kin to his/her estate have to apply for letters of administration to administer the deceased’s estate. The deceased’s estate will be distributed based on intestate law.

Our Lawyers

Alice Tan


Mrs Alice Tan is the director of A C Fergusson Law Corporation. Mrs Alice Tan has more than 25 years of diverse experience in Family Law (including Adoption, Divorces and Deputyship Applications), Estate & Succession (including Wills), Corporate Work & Secretarial Practice, Conveyancing and Civil Litigation. She was a member of the Law Society’s committees for Probate, Conveyance and Small Law Firms. She also acts as a director and secretary to several local and foreign companies in corporate work.

Previously an assistant director with the Monetary Authority of Singapore in the banking, finance and insurance sectors, Mrs Alice Tan has diplomas in banking and insurance and graduated from the University of London, UK and was called to the Bar in London in 1993 and admitted to the Singapore Bar in 1994. A devout Catholic, Mrs Alice Tan devotes much time to the church and represents indigent migrants in court on behalf of The Archdiocesan Commission for the Pastoral Care of Migrant and Itinerant People (ACMI). She is actively involved in legal community work and was awarded with a Certificate of Appreciation for her contributions to court work and the Judiciary by the Honourable Chief Justice Sundaresh Menon in October 2019. She believes in doing God’s work in the community, striking a balance between community service and the law practice. During the Law Society’s 50th anniversary in 2018, she obtained an award for pro bono work among Small Law Firms.

For more than 25 years, Mrs Alice Tan has read as a lector in the Church of St Ignatius and served in the Pastoral Care Ministry for the sick and elderly in her Church. She loves music, theatre, and even Chinese Opera, and all things old and beautiful. Mrs Tan enjoys socialising with people from all walks of life.