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Tech Support Facilitator Scheme

To ensure ‘business as usual’ and to prevent minimal disruption to ongoing work, the use of technology has become critical. The Courts are also conducting hearings via tele-conferencing with the use of the Zoom software. To assist members to use Zoom or other virtual meeting and/or online collaboration tools, the Law Society has launched a ‘Tech Support Facilitator’ scheme.

What is a Tech Support Facilitator?

Any member can sign up to be a Tech Support Facilitator to provide guidance and share tips with fellow practitioners who are facing difficulties using Zoom or other virtual meeting and online collaboration tools for work purposes. Questions can be posed on getting started (such as downloading the online tools), user features, tech equipment required and software compatibility issues.

Communications between the Tech Support Facilitator and fellow practitioners should preferably take place via e-mail, telephone or tech comms although a physical meet-up is possible subject to both parties’ consent and compliance with Governmental guidelines issued. The scheme is intended to focus on the use of work-related virtual meeting and other online collaboration tools. Client confidentiality and other legal professional conduct rules should be observed at all times.

As a general guide, the length of the assistance should be determined mutually by both lawyers.

What the Scheme is Not

The scheme is not intended for members to seek advice on government advisories and directives, legal issues arising from the use of technology tools, software pricing or cybersecurity related matters or to provide feedback. Please direct such queries to or 6538 2500 instead.

How to Sign Up?

If you require assistance with the use of work-related virtual meeting and other online collaboration tools or wish to volunteer as a Tech Support Facilitator, please email

We will match members who require such assistance with a Tech Support Facilitator and will keep all requests confidential.

Further Queries?

Please reach us at 6538 2500 or