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What is it?

A mediation scheme that aims to mediate disputes between members and/or law practices amicably by a Senior Counsel mutually agreed by the parties.

SCMediate is part of the continuing efforts of the Forum of Senior Counsel to render contributions to the profession as a whole.

Who Mediates?

Senior Counsel who are in private practice (known as the Forum of Senior Counsel), have agreed, upon request and subject to their availability, to act as a mediator under the Scheme.

What are the Fees?

Under the scheme, the Senior Counsel mediating the dispute will not charge if the total time spent does not exceed half a day.

Is Confidentiality Assured?

All communication with the Senior Counsel as mediator will be kept confidential. The Senior Counsel will render his service on the basis that he is exempted from liability in respect of the services provided. As with all mediations, the Senior Counsel will not have any power to make binding decisions.

How to Apply?

Simply contact the Law Society’s Membership and Communications department at 6530 0253.

This SCMediate scheme is different from the Cost Dispute Resolve scheme offered by the Law Society for resolving disputes on legal costs.