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Practice Consult

Practice Consult is a practice management support initiative of the Society, which provides assistance and guidance to practitioner members on practice management issues

What is it?

Under the Practice Consult scheme, practitioners with queries or concerns on practice management issues may seek guidance from a legal practice management consultant.

What Guidance Can I Get

Guidance on legal practice management issues including

  • starting a law firm
  • law firm practice management and compliance
  • law firm digital transformation and automation
    practice risk management;
  • business development and planning
  • human resources and personnel management; and
  • client relationships and communication

Who Provides the Guidance?

Ms Serena Lim, Bizibody Technology Pte Ltd, 114 Lavender Street, #09-88 CT Hub 2, Singapore 338729, Tel: 6521 7022, E-mail:; Website:

Who Pays?

The Law Society will bear the cost for the first hour of the consultation.

Is Confidentiality Assured?

Yes, the Law Society’s only involvement is in the administration of the scheme and payment of the operational costs. Any information that it may receive in the course of administration of the scheme is on a no-name basis or of a non-identifying nature, such as the number of consultations sought.

Who Can Apply?

Any practitioner member by prior appointment

How to Apply?

Simply contact our Communications and Membership Interest department at 6530 0253 or e-mail or call Serena Lim of Bizibody Technology Pte Ltd at 6521 7025.