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320 Serangoon Road
#11-13 Centrium Square
Singapore 218108
Phone: (65) 8777 3677
Fax: (65) 6513 0403


Lions Chambers LLC is a Singapore-based boutique law firm that provides precise legal solutions for a broad spectrum of clients ranging from individual to corporate companies. The firm recognises that no two issues are the same, and prides itself in helping clients resolve issues in the most efficient and timely manner.

The firm is proactive in its growth in the practice areas of Civil and Corporate Litigation. This also includes actively assisting clients with matters concerning tenancy disputes, corporate law, family law and criminal defence. The firm believes in providing cost-effective, creative and result-driven solutions to all its clients, with a fresh and adaptive mindset.


Our wealth of experience doesn’t just come from school or books. We bring our own personal experiences into solving problems. It’s about being precise and astute where it matters most.

Our Areas of Expertise

  • Bankruptcy and insolvency
  • Civil litigation (General)
  • Corporate & Commercial
  • Criminal Defence
  • Divorce & Family Matters
  • Media, Internet &
  • Information Technology
  • Personal Data Protection
  • Trusts, Wills & Probate

Our Lawyers


Raj believes in resolving disputes in a cost-effective manner. He is of the opinion that unnecessary litigation degrades a respectable profession into a revenue-focused business.

Merging his strengths in creative solutions, a keen eye for details, technical knowledge in IT and a passion for helping people, he realised his calling for the law and set up Lions Chambers LLC in 2021. He manages both the day-to-day operations and propels the growth of the firm, bringing in fresh minds and solutions to tackle each unique case brought to the table.

Raj believes that he needs to first be the change as a special breed of lawyer he envisions in the profession in order to bring about the change he wants to see in how the legal profession is viewed. While he is not opposed to litigating cases in court, Raj believes that dispute resolution outside the ring with the lower fees incurred is the key to achieving his vision for a more genuine, authentic and improved practice of law.


Narein is a passionate and aspiring litigator with a particular appreciation for complex and contested Civil Litigation and Criminal Defence cases. Called to the bar in 2021, he kickstarted his career in Lions Chambers with tenacity and an eagerness to learn.

He is a spirited campaigner for justice and a sharp strategist in handling complex cases. He believes there is a solution to every problem but steers away from the “one-size-fits-all” mindset. Combining empathy and pragmatism in his thought process, Narein is able to provide precise and digestible information to his clients to establish trust and confidence in their matters.


Edmund Nathan (EDMUND)

Edmund believes in being thoughtful and considerate to his clients. The clients always remain his top priority as he seeks to give them tactful and insightful advice.

He specialises in criminal litigation, with several noteworthy drug trafficking cases in his career.
With over 49 years of experience under his belt, he has a wealth of knowledge and practice in the legal society At this juncture of his career, he chooses to spend a more significant amount of his time and effort taking on cases of those who are less financially capable of affording legal representation. His altruism has met many pro bono cases, which he believes is his way of serving society and protecting the vulnerable.