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Future Lawyering

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LAW PRACTICES AND THE FUTURE OF WORK … WORKERS WILL NEED TO UPSKILL AND RESKILL TO DEAL WITH ‘DEEP STRUCTURAL CHANGES’ THAT ARE LIKELY TO OCCUR IN THE MARKET In the third edition of Future Lawyer Bytes, we explore briefly the future of work together with Alvin Chen, Director of the Legal Research & Development department at […]

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A PRIMER ON ALTERNATIVE LEGAL SERVICE PROVIDERS The Law Society’s Colloquium on ‘The Role of Lawyers in the Age of Disruption: Emerging Regulatory Challenges’ will be held on 19 May 2020, bringing together legal practitioners, emerging scholars, industry experts and students to contribute to developing thought leadership on topics relating to the ethical and regulatory challenges […]

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FUTURE-PROOFING FOR LAWYERS 101 Table of Contents A NUMBER OF POWERFUL FORCES ARE CONVERGING ON LEGAL PROFESSIONS ACROSS THE GLOBE. WHAT DOES THE FUTURE OF LAW HOLD FOR LAWYERS AND LAW PRACTICES? The Future of Law The future of law is not a subject that lawyers were taught at law school. Neither would it seem […]

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