Law Firm Closure Dates

 Law Practice: Start Date From End Date To
JHT Law Corporation24/12/202212:00 AM03/01/202309:00 AM
JP Dendroff & Co13/12/202209:00 AM03/01/202309:00 AM
JP Dendroff & Co.17/12/202212:00 AM03/01/202312:00 AM
Kalco Law LLC30/12/202209:00 AM30/12/202206:00 PM
Kishan Law Chambers LLC09/12/202209:00 AM09/12/202206:00 PM
Kishan Law Chambers LLC24/12/202209:00 AM02/01/202306:00 PM
L G Robert19/12/202212:00 AM31/12/202212:45 PM
Laurence Goh Eng Yau & Co22/12/202208:00 AM31/12/202211:45 PM
Legal Ink LLC19/12/202209:00 AM31/12/202206:00 PM
Lions Chambers LLC24/12/202212:00 AM03/01/202311:45 PM
Loh Eben Ong LLP23/12/202212:00 AM23/12/202211:45 PM
M & A Law Corporation22/11/202209:00 AM02/12/202206:00 PM
MSC Law Corporation24/12/202212:00 AM02/01/202311:45 PM
Pathway Law Practice LLC23/12/202209:00 AM03/01/202306:00 PM
Pereira & Tan LLC23/12/202209:00 AM23/12/202206:00 PM
Pereira & Tan LLC30/12/202209:00 AM30/12/202206:00 PM
Pertinent Law LLP20/01/202309:00 AM24/01/202306:00 PM
Peter Low Chambers LLC23/12/202212:00 AM26/12/202212:00 AM
Peter Low Chambers LLC30/12/202212:00 AM31/12/202212:00 AM
Prestige Legal LLP19/12/202212:00 AM02/01/202311:45 PM
R. S. Solomon LLC05/12/202209:00 AM05/12/202206:00 PM
Rajah & Tann Singapore LLP23/12/202208:00 AM23/12/202206:00 PM
Rajah & Tann Singapore LLP30/12/202208:00 AM30/12/202206:00 PM
Regal Law LLC23/12/202212:00 AM03/01/202312:00 AM
Remedios & Co22/12/202209:30 AM27/12/202204:30 PM
Remedios & Co30/12/202209:30 AM02/01/202304:30 PM
S H Tan & Associates23/12/202209:00 AM02/01/202305:00 PM
S. S. Parhar Law Corporation22/12/202209:00 AM03/01/202309:00 AM
S. S. Parhar Law Corporation20/01/202309:00 AM02/02/202309:00 AM
Salem Ibrahim LLC30/12/202209:00 AM30/12/202206:00 PM
Salem Ibrahim LLC20/01/202309:00 AM24/01/202307:00 PM
SATWANT & ASSOCIATES22/12/202209:00 AM02/01/202306:00 PM
Subra TT Law LLC20/01/202312:00 AM24/01/202311:45 PM
Tan & Au LLP22/12/202209:00 AM29/12/202206:00 PM
Tan & Au LLP03/01/202309:00 AM03/01/202306:00 PM
Tan Kok Quan Partnership23/12/202209:00 AM23/12/202206:00 PM
Tan Kok Quan Partnership30/12/202209:00 AM30/12/202206:00 PM
TC&G Law Corporation23/12/202209:00 AM23/12/202206:00 PM
TC&G Law Corporation30/12/202209:00 AM30/12/202206:00 PM
Tembusu Law LLC23/12/202212:00 AM02/01/202311:45 PM
Temple Counsel LLP24/12/202212:00 AM02/01/202311:45 PM
Timothy Ng LLC02/12/202212:00 AM08/12/202211:45 PM
TJH Law Corporation23/12/202208:30 AM23/12/202206:00 PM
TJH Law Corporation30/12/202208:30 AM30/12/202206:00 PM
TJH Law Corporation20/01/202308:30 AM20/01/202306:00 PM
Tracy Wang Law Practice30/11/202209:00 AM09/12/202205:00 PM
Tracy Wang Law Practice23/12/202209:00 AM03/01/202309:00 AM
Tracy Wang Law Practice20/01/202309:00 AM31/01/202305:00 PM
TSMP Law Corporation23/12/202201:00 PM26/12/202211:45 PM
TSMP Law Corporation30/12/202212:00 AM02/01/202311:45 PM
 Law Practice: Start Date From End Date To

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