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Personal Data Protection


About us

A Singapore law firm that speaks the language of business … local and international

Lyn Boxall LLC is a fintech advisory firm. Consequently, we specialise in privacy/data protection, information/cyber-security, financial services and payment systems regulation, intellectual property and information technology. We also focus on corporate governance, risk management and compliance at the Board and C-Suite levels. We offer general business and corporate law advice too, particularly for new ventures being established in Singapore.

Clients in Singapore, as well as clients from other countries, appreciate our understanding of local conditions and our ability to communicate in a way that best meets client needs. They also appreciate a problem solving ‘can do’ mindset that seeks solutions and moves business forward efficiently and ethically.

Now let’s talk about data protection/privacy and information security.

Data protection and privacy have different ideological roots but share many of the same sets of obligations or principles. So, while the words in the law vary from place to place most of the operational requirements are very similar.

If you are a multinational organisation we are experts in adapting your existing policies and procedures to comply with Singapore law. We understand the importance of a uniform approach across your organisation. We do not seek to ‘reinvent the wheel’.

If you are a local organisation, you know that the data protection law is still relatively new in Singapore. And maybe you have attended a training course or two that has left your head spinning in confusion. We do not mire you in the theory of the data protection law. We adopt a straightforward and practical approach in our data protection work with clients, viewing it through an information life-cycle that reflects your business needs for data and the way you need to use and disclose it. We understand business processes and requirements and the realities of corporate dynamics. We work with you to embed data protection into your existing business processes effectively. We help you use the data protection law to build trust with your customers and other stakeholders.

Above all, we understand that the data protection/privacy law should serve business. Compliance can and should be consistent with business needs. In Australia, we would express this by saying ‘the tail should not wag the dog!’

Information security overlaps with data protection/privacy. Privacy is not possible without security. And these days, security also means cyber-security.

Contrary to the impression given by the press, information security is not only about hacking and millions of credit card details. It is about protecting valuable business or trade secrets, such as customer lists, business processes and other intellectual property. No business is immune from the risk, but it can be managed to reduce the risk significantly. And doing so is not all that difficult. And it does not cost all that much money.

Our Lawyer

Lyn Boxall


Legal qualifications

  • B.Com, 1985, The University of Melbourne
  • LL.B. (Hons), 1988, The University of Melbourne
  • LL.M (Intellectual Property Law), 2000 Monash University

Year of Admission

  • Barrister and Solicitor, Victoria, Australia 1989
  • Solicitor, England and Wales 2003
  • Member, New York Bar 2011
  • Advocate and Solicitor, Singapore, 2011

Other qualifications

  • Certified Information Privacy Manager (CIPM) by the International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP) 2016
  • Certified Information Privacy Professional, Asia (CIPP/A) by IAPP 2017
  • Certified Information Privacy Professional, Europe (CIPP/E) by IAPP 2018

Lyn has broad and deep international business and legal experience. This includes 10 years with an international law firm and more than three years in-house with GE Capital in Australia before she moved to Singapore in 2000. She spent nine years as regional general counsel for Visa Asia Pacific, based in Singapore, and then worked in various other corporate and consultancy roles before establishing Lyn Boxall LLC in March 2015.

She works closely with clients and prides herself on providing high quality, high value, user friendly advice. Lyn sees the law as an activator and enabler of business. She enjoys working closely with clients and helping their businesses succeed, whether ‘their business’ is a sector of a multinational corporation or an entrepreneurial startup with exciting ambitions or an established local business realising the opportunities of the digital age.

Lyn doesn’t like to advise clients on what cannot be done, but to find ways to help them move forward and to work on what can be done to help their business succeed in an efficient and ethical manner.

She first started working with data protection/privacy and information security more than 20 years ago when she was working in-house. She had to find solutions to a myriad of operational challenges and support achievement of business performance targets at the same time. She became, and remains, a vocal advocate of using data protection/privacy policies and practices, including information security policies and practices, to support business excellence and engender stakeholder trust.