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Civil Litigation (General)


About us

Lee & Lee is one of Singapore’s leading law firms.

Our firm’s civil litigation (general) practice comprises a dedicated team of lawyers who have extensive experience across all aspects of civil and commercial law. We are well regarded locally and internationally, and our loyal and satisfied clients include a wide base of clientele ranging from major banks and financial institutions, MNCs, local companies of varying sizes to high-net-worth individuals and the ordinary man in the street who have cause to use our services.

From simple contractual and tortious claims to complex financial and investment related disputes both within and cross jurisdictions, we provide sound advice and creative solutions in the best interests of clients, taking into account practical and commercial considerations in negotiations and resolving disputes. We handle a diverse portfolio of civil litigation matters including:

  • Advising and representing clients in contractual and tortious disputes involving individuals and companies.
  • Advising and representing clients in shareholder and company disputes.
  • Acting for and against banking and other financial institutions in securities and investment related claims.
  • Acting for landlords and tenants in tenancy disputes.
  • Acting for MCSTs and subsidiary proprietors in MCST disputes.
  • Acting for contractors and employers in construction disputes.
  • Acting in employers and employee in employment disputes.
  • Acting for executors, administrators and beneficiaries in estate disputes.
  • Acting for buyers and sellers in property disputes.
  • Acting in defamation claims.

We place emphasis on adopting best practices moving in tandem with legal developments and technological advancement, while drawing on the wealth of our past experiences. Our approaches to dispute resolution are known to be effective and efficient in achieving the desired results for our satisfied clients.

Our Lawyers

Julian Tay

DID: +65 6557 4623
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Matthew Saw

DID: +65 6557 4821
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