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Trusts, Wills, Probate & LPA


About us

Kith & Kin Law Corporation is an international award-winning Singapore-based specialist firm devoted to the private-client and community law space.

We are S.T.E.M. Law practitioners – Succession, Trusts, Estate Planning & Estate Administration and Mental Capacity & Later Life Planning. The firm was built from the ground up with its sole focus on clients, and everything that we do here is to make our clients’ experience of S.T.E.M. Law better.

Our mission is to help maximise the financial, human, and intellectual capital in families and family businesses to produce continuity, growth, unity, and social impact. To achieve this, we adopt a values-based and stewardship approach towards our legal practice. We place importance on values and purpose as we work alongside families and their heirs in inheritance and succession planning.

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Our Lawyers

Tan Shen Kiat

Founder and Managing Director

Shen Kiat holds two degrees in Political Science (with a minor in Religious Studies) and Law from the National University of Singapore and the University of Bristol respectively. He was called to the Singapore Bar in 2015.

Shen Kiat can be best described as a lawyer-social worker. His expertise is in S.T.E.M (Succession, Trusts, Estate & Mental Capacity) law, and he is skilled in helping families navigate their way through personal and wealth-related matters. As part of his later life planning practice, Shen Kiat is a registered Professional Deputy and Donee with the Ministry of Social and Family Development (“MSF”), a member of the MSF DCMP (Disability Case Management Programme) Resource Group and a member of the Management Committee of SJSM-Nursing Home. He is also a member of the Probate Practice Committee and Publications Committee of the Law Society of Singapore, and a registered TEP (Trusts & Estates Practitioner) with the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners (“STEP”).

Shen Kiat has a special interest in improving the delivery of legal services within interdisciplinary teams to persons with additional/special needs.

Shen Kiat also enjoys raising legal literacy and is currently an adjunct lecturer at the Singapore University of Social Sciences and the Singapore Association of Social Workers (SASW).

Shen Kiat believes sleep is often underrated, and needs at least 8 hours to behave humanely for the day.

Angela Teo


Angela graduated from the National University of Singapore and was called to the Singapore Bar in 1995. Angela also holds a Post-Graduate Diploma in Education from the National Institute of Education in Singapore and Graduate Diploma in Professional Counselling (awarded by the University of Swinburne) from the Executive Counselling & Training Academy (ECTA).

Angela currently assists in personal and wealth-related matters including trusts, mental capacity law, estate planning and administration.

Apart from being a practising lawyer, Angela is also a caregiver to two of her own family members.

Esther Lee

Associate Solicitor

Esther graduated with degrees in Social Sciences (Geography) and Law from the National University of Singapore. She was called to the Singapore Bar in 2023. Esther is also a MBTI Certified Practitioner and enjoys helping others discover their whys.

Since her university days, Esther has been highly involved in non-profit work in Singapore and Southeast Asia, and has worked for charities such as Hagar Singapore.