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About us

A trusted and tech-driven law firm, Covenant Chambers LLC focuses on commercial and property disputes and tech, media, and intellectual property (IP). We are known for our client-centric, innovative and efficacious style of providing workable legal solutions to our clients.

As a medium-sized firm with considerable experience, the firm is both adept in our craft, staying abreast with the latest developments in various sectors, and innovative in our practice, utilising cutting-edge technology to optimise our business processes. Since its establishment, Covenant Chambers LLC has leveraged on digital automation to provide a unique combination of technology-driven legal advisory and strategic solutions for clients across a broad range of sectors.

Every dispute is different. Our strength lies in discerning each client’s legal needs and deriving a dispute resolution strategy to achieve a “maximum returns” outcome, taking into account the client’s objectives and opportunity costs.

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Area of Practice

Trusts, Wills & Probate

Legacy Planning: Wills & Trusts

Planning your legacy is an important part of managing your wealth to ensure that your assets are distributed to your intended beneficiaries and to reduce conflict in your family after your passing. Our lawyers are able to assist in preparing simple or complex testamentary wills which reflect clients’ intentions and remove ambiguity in all estate matters and prevent legal challenges in the future.

Our lawyers are also skilled in helping you structure and create trusts in order to protect, manage, and preserve your assets. From private family trusts and testamentary trusts to discretionary trusts and charitable trusts, creating a trust helps to make certain your intention and chosen beneficiaries.

We also advise on and assist in preparing Lasting Powers of Attorney and applications under the Mental Capacity Act, e.g. to appoint deputies or make testamentary wills, in situations where a person has lost the mental capacity to make key decisions.

Probate & Estate Administration

When a loved one passes on, our team of experienced and meticulous lawyers can help you through the process of applying for a Grant of Probate (where there is a valid will) or Grant of Letters of Administration (where there is no will). These Grants enable the executor or administrator to manage and distribute the assets of the deceased.

While such periods can be grief-filled, we have walked with many estate executors and administrators as they managed the deceased’s assets, ensuring smooth and proper distribution of assets to the right beneficiaries.

Our Lawyers

Lee Ee Yang

Lee Ee Yang

Managing Director


Beginning his career in one of the “Big Four” firms in Singapore, Ee Yang walked the unconventional path and started a litigation practice in his fifth year of practice. Since founding Covenant Chambers LLC in 2016, Ee Yang has seen his practice expand, with the focus on commercial and property disputes involving high net-worth individuals as well as corporate entities. He strives to raise the legal sector to new heights by leveraging his wealth of experience and passion for advocacy and empowering the next generation of legal eagles.

Ee Yang was a recipient of the prestigious Singapore Academy of Law Overseas Scholarship and was attached to Essex Court Chambers, a highly regarded barristers’ chambers in the United Kingdom, working with established King’s Counsels. He was also an adjunct instructor at the National University of Singapore, teaching the Legal Analysis, Research and Communications course.

In addition, Ee Yang actively engages in pro bono work.

Ronald JJ Wong

Ronald JJ Wong



Ronald commenced his legal career at one of the Big Four firms, Rajah & Tann, practising in commercial litigation & arbitration. He has advised and represented institutional and individual clients in a broad range of disputes from multi-million dollar investment claims to employment disputes.

He also enjoys a non-contentious corporate practice dealing in technology & media, FinTech, ICOs, blockchain, employment, start-ups, companies and shareholder issues, investments & corporate finance, regulatory advice, financial services, mergers and acquisitions, and Intellectual Property (‘IP’).

Transaction highlights include advising a Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS)-Recognised Market Operator (RMO) of security digital tokens markets and cryptocurrency / virtual assets, advising on a venture capital investment into a digital payments start-up based in Singapore and Indonesia, advising on a secured trade financing facility involving multi-jurisdictional stakeholders, and advising a leading electronics retailer on issues and disputes regarding intellectual property and distributorship.

He is also a Singapore Mediation Centre (SMC) Accredited Mediator and is available for appointment as mediator for various types of disputes.

He volunteers pro bono with various NGOs, legal clinics, LAB and CLAS. He also advocates for social justice on various platforms, and frequently authors academic and thought papers, some of which have been published in various journals. He serves as a Trial Advocacy tutor in the National University of Singapore (NUS) Law Faculty.

Benjamin Yam

Benjamin Yam



Benjamin is passionate about seeking justice for the man on the street and lending a listening ear to his clients’ legal issues.

An experienced litigator with an expansive practice, he has a keen interest in medical negligence, harassment, employment issues, commercial disputes, on top of family, personal injury, criminal cases matters and general solicitors’ work.

Through his practice, Benjamin hopes to play his part in creating a robust yet fair arena for litigants and learned friends to spar and lock horns.

He has been involved in several trials and appeals before the Court of Appeal, High Court, and State Courts, obtaining successful outcomes.

Sara Ng

Associate Director


Sara is a lawyer with a deep-rooted commitment to justice and fairness. Since she was called to the Bar, Sara has been involved in a number of high-stakes legal cases involving corporations and individuals, as well as prosecutions by government agencies.

Her legal acumen and keen problem-solving skills have enabled her to achieve successful outcomes for her clients, such as appealing the sentences of three clients convicted under the Remote Gambling Act and successfully appealing a decision by the Ministry of Manpower in a fatal workman compensation claim. Sara is a dedicated professional driven by a desire to make a real difference in people’s lives. She believes in pursuing justice with compassion, and is passionate about pro bono work and giving back to the less privileged.

Sara is motivated by the prospect of making a positive and lasting impact on the lives of others.

Tay Jing En

Associate Director


Jing En is a versatile litigator. With his efficient, no-nonsense style of lawyering and ability to tackle complex legal and factual issues, Jing En has helped his clients attain favourable outcomes in commercial, criminal and family matters.

From his early experiences working alongside veteran practitioners and even Senior Counsel, Jing En has gained a keen understanding of not just the legal and technical aspects of the cases he handles but also practical and ethical considerations, thus enabling him to render holistic advice and provide workable solutions.

Jing En’s commitment to providing quality representation to all persons regardless of background or means bears itself out in his practice; he has acted for clients of all types, ranging from banks and corporations to families and underprivileged individuals. Further, Jing En serves as volunteer counsel under the Law Society’s Criminal Legal Aid Scheme.