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Start Date/Time: Thursday, 15 October, 2020 2:30 PM
End Date/Time: Thursday, 15 October, 2020 6:00 PM
Location: Maxwell Chambers Suites – 28 Maxwell Road, #02-08, Singapore 069120


No. of Public CPD Points: 3.0
Practice Area: Professional Skills
Training Level: General


Anyone working in a business environment needs to make business decisions and should know how a business works. This legal services business simulation game workshop will teach the following:

  • Business literacy to learn to talk the talk of clients;
  • Business visualisation to recognise the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats that may exist in clients’ businesses;
  • Business acumen to develop insights based on careful business analysis and adapt sales and marketing methodology to better meet clients’ business needs.


This 3½-hour workshop is an abridged version of the Income Outcome full entrepreneurial challenge business simulation which is aimed at ensuring participants understand (and develop skills and knowledge in):

  • Billing and understanding how decisions made about what to bill, when to bill and how to bill can ultimately affect the legal services firm’s profitability and financial position;
  • Costing and understanding how decisions made about what to cost into a client’s bill can ultimately affect the legal services firm’s profitability and financial position;
  • Working capital management and how decisions relating to billing can affect working capital and the overall liquidity and financial position of the firm.

At the workshop, each team ‘plays’ out all of the major areas of a firm: strategic direction; marketing; marketing; client fees; cost management; capacity management; and efficiency. Each cycle of the game involves making decisions in all of these areas, demonstrating how a decision made in any one area impacts all other areas.

Given the crucial role of technology in enhancing productivity, each team will also be given the opportunity to invest in technology and to play out the effects of this on their business performance.

Through a fun and action packed game-based business simulation, participants will learn about billing, costing and working capital management in a business environment.


  • Eileen Cheng – Facilitator, Talent Leadership Crucible
  • Worarat Pichpongsa – Facilitator, Talent Leadership Crucible

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