Relational Mentorship

A new scheme under the Law Society’s Pastoral Care Support for younger practitioner with a focus on the psychosocial well-being of young practitioners. This scheme is open to trainees as well as law graduates.

What is it?

A scheme to provide young practitioner who request for a relational mentor with a volunteer mentor. The scope covered under this scheme is not meant to be exhaustive or structured but should cover those issues listed below.

  1. Ethical conundrums;
  2. Career assistance and guidance; and
  3. Stress management.

At all times, client confidentiality must be observed. This scheme is not intended for mentee to seek advice from mentor on substantive legal work. We have another scheme under ‘PracMentor‘ to assist young practitioners with advice on substantive legal work.

How does this work?

It is envisaged that most correspondence between the mentor and mentee will be by way of email. However, both the mentor and mentee should meet up at least once every 3 months. As a general guide, the length of the mentorship should be for a period of one year.

Who mentors?

Senior practitioners who have volunteered as mentor under this scheme.

How to volunteer?

Write to the Membership Services Department at or call ‘Members’ Assistance & Care Helpline’ at 6530 0213.

Need a mentor?

Young practitioner who requests for a relational mentor will be paired with a volunteer senior practitioner. All request for mentorship will be kept confidential.

Simply write to the Membership Services Department at  or call ‘Members’ Assistance & Care Helpline’ at 6530 0213.