Mentoring Scheme for Small Firms

What is it?

A mentoring programme under which proprietors and partners of small law practices are mentored by experienced senior lawyers on issues relating to practice management. Under this programme, proprietors and partners of small law practices will be assigned to one senior practitioner, who will meet them over lunch or coffee a few times a year (either on an individual basis or as a group) to discuss problems relating to practice management confronting small law practices.

Who mentors?

Senior practitioners who have volunteered to be mentors under the Scheme. For the pilot phase, a number of past Presidents of the Society have agreed to be mentors under this programme.

What are the fees?

There is no fee involved but the mentee may, on a no obligation basis, pay for the food or drinks during the mentoring meeting.

How to apply?

Simply e-mail the Law Society’s Membership and Communications department with your law practice and contact particulars to For more information on this scheme, please call 6530 0253.