Tech-celerate for Law is a support scheme for the adoption of technology solutions by Singapore Law Practices (SLPs). Administered by the Law Society of Singapore, in partnership with Ministry of Law, Enterprise Singapore and Info-Communications Media Development (IMDA), this scheme will prepare SLPs for future disruptions beyond baseline technology adoption, empowering SLPs to focus on delivering enhanced legal services, strengthening their capabilities and increasing their competitiveness in the global landscape.

Under Tech-celerate for Law, qualified SLPs are able to select and adopt legal technology solutions from 7 pre-scoped categories with up to 70% funding support in the first year of implementation. These legal technology solutions range from baseline to advanced categories with products powered by advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence.

Baseline Categories Advanced Categories
  1. Practice Management Systems
  2. Document Management Systems
  3. Online Legal Research Systems
  1. Document Assembly Software
  2. Document Review Software
  3. eDiscovery Software
  4. Automated Client Engagement Solutions
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Application begins on 2 May 2019 and ends on 1 May 2020.

Download the Tech-celerate for Law brochure to find out more about the pre-approved solutions and contact details of the vendors.

For more details on:

a) Eligibility Criteria, Level of Financial Support and Grant Cap

b) Application and Claims ProcessĀ 

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