Law Firm Closure Dates

 Law Practice: Start Date From End Date To
Yuen Law LLC17/12/202110:30 AM17/12/202111:45 PM
Yuen Law LLC24/12/202112:00 AM24/12/202111:45 PM
Yuen Law LLC31/12/202112:00 AM31/12/202111:45 PM
Wong & Leow LLC24/12/202101:00 PM24/12/202106:00 PM
Wong & Leow LLC31/12/202108:45 AM31/12/202106:00 PM
Winchester Law LLC15/12/202109:00 AM02/01/202205:00 PM
Willy Tay’s Chambers24/12/202109:00 AM24/12/202106:00 PM
Willy Tay’s Chambers31/12/202109:00 AM31/12/202106:00 PM
Willy Tay’s Chambers31/01/202209:00 AM31/01/202206:00 PM
WhiteFern LLC24/12/202109:00 AM24/12/202106:00 PM
WhiteFern LLC31/12/202109:00 AM31/12/202106:00 PM
Union Law LLP (Main Office)24/12/202112:00 PM02/01/202211:45 PM
TSMP Law Corporation24/12/202112:00 AM27/12/202111:45 PM
TSMP Law Corporation31/12/202112:00 AM03/01/202211:45 PM
Tracy Wang Law Practice24/12/202109:00 AM03/01/202209:00 AM
TC&G Law Corporation31/01/202209:00 AM03/02/202206:00 PM
TC&G Law Corporation24/12/202109:00 AM27/12/202106:00 PM
TC&G Law Corporation31/12/202109:00 AM31/12/202106:00 PM
Tan, Oei & Oei LLC24/12/202109:00 AM31/12/202105:00 PM
Tan & Au LLP23/12/202109:00 AM27/12/202106:00 PM
Tan & Au LLP30/12/202109:00 AM03/01/202206:00 PM
Subra TT Law LLC24/12/202112:00 AM26/12/202111:45 PM
Subra TT Law LLC31/12/202112:00 AM02/01/202211:45 PM
Segeram & Co29/11/202109:00 AM20/12/202109:00 AM
Segeram & Co31/12/202109:00 AM03/01/202209:00 AM
Segeram & Co28/01/202205:30 PM04/02/202209:00 AM
Seah Ong & Partners LLP23/12/202109:00 AM24/12/202106:00 PM
Seah Ong & Partners LLP30/12/202109:00 AM31/12/202106:00 PM
Salem Ibrahim LLC24/12/202109:00 AM24/12/202106:00 PM
Salem Ibrahim LLC31/12/202109:00 AM31/12/202106:00 PM
Salem Ibrahim LLC31/01/202209:00 AM31/01/202206:00 PM
S L Law Chambers23/12/202109:00 AM31/12/202106:00 PM
Rubicon Law LLC31/12/202109:00 AM31/12/202106:00 PM
Rubicon Law LLC24/12/202109:00 AM24/12/202106:00 PM
Rubicon Law LLC03/01/202209:00 AM03/01/202206:00 PM
REMEDIOS & CO17/12/202104:30 PM03/01/202209:00 AM
Regal Law LLC24/12/202112:00 AM02/01/202211:45 PM
R. S. Solomon LLC23/12/202101:00 PM24/12/202106:00 PM
R. S. Solomon LLC31/12/202109:00 AM31/12/202106:00 PM
Quahe Woo & Palmer LLC24/12/202109:00 AM24/12/202106:00 PM
Quahe Woo & Palmer LLC31/12/202109:00 AM31/12/202106:00 PM
Providence Law Asia LLC24/12/202109:00 AM24/12/202106:00 PM
Providence Law Asia LLC30/12/202109:00 AM31/12/202106:00 PM
PKWA Law Practice LLC24/12/202109:00 AM24/12/202106:00 PM
PKWA Law Practice LLC31/12/202109:00 AM31/12/202106:00 PM
Peter Low & Choo LLC24/12/202109:00 PM24/12/202106:00 PM
Peter Low & Choo LLC31/12/202109:00 PM31/12/202106:00 PM
Pertinent Law LLP24/12/202109:00 AM24/12/202106:00 PM
Pertinent Law LLP31/12/202109:00 AM31/12/202106:00 PM
Pertinent Law LLP31/01/202209:00 AM31/01/202206:00 PM
 Law Practice: Start Date From End Date To