We advise and represent both corporate and individual clients and offer the following services:

  1. Bespoke advice on the law;
  2. Liaison with the charging authority and/or police;
  3. Making representations for the withdrawal or reduction of charges;
  4. Interviewing witnesses and collation of evidence; and
  5. Preparation and submission of mitigation pleas.



  1. Corporate Offence
  2. Criminal Breach of Trust
  3. Money Laundering
  4. Insider Dealing
  5. Offences Relating to Computer Crimes
  6. Sexual Offences
  7. Rioting, causing grievous hurt, assault
  8. Traffic Offences
  9. Offences Under The Moneylenders Act
  10. Smuggling
  11. Maid Abuse Allegations


Director's Profile
Timothy Ng Wai Keong PhotoTimothy Ng Wai Keong

Timothy Ng Wai Keong founded Timothy Ng LLC (formerly known as M/s Timothy Ng & Co) on 1 April 2008. He practises commercial arbitration/litigation, focusing principally on contractual, corporate, construction and civil engineering disputes. He also accepts briefs on criminal matters. He is also an Adjunct Associate Professor with the School of Architecture (NUS).

In so far as his criminal practice is concerned, Timothy has successfully defended clients charged with:

  1. Money laundering offence;
  2. Cheating offence;
  3. Sexual offence; and
  4. Battery and assault related offence.

Mr Ng is inclined to accept briefs on money laundering, corruption, tax crimes and the white collar offence.


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