Reliable, innovative and here to fight for you.

At Sarah-Mae Thomas LLC we make it our outmost priority to ensure that each matter is handled with care and sensitivity. Our outlook is multi-jurisdictional which means we think outside the box in order to give you innovative and creative solutions.

In today’s evolving global landscape, we are well equipped to handle cross-border family matters which require global partners and perspectives. We also handle divorces for high net worth individuals.

On the other hand, we are also here to serve the community and see to the needs of the everyday person.

Ultimately, we are here for you no matter what your background and we want to see you walk in hope for a brighter tomorrow.

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Sarah-Mae Thomas 
Managing Director
Dual qualified solicitor in Singapore and Australia
LL.B (Hons) / Bachelor of Arts, Monash University

Sarah-Mae handles a broad spectrum of legal matters and in particular, specialises in Family Law, Civil Litigation and Juvenile matters. She is a dual qualified solicitor in Singapore and Australia. Having also trained and worked in Melbourne, Australia for several years, Sarah-Mae offers a breadth of multi-jurisdictional experience to all the matters she handles. Sarah-Mae is particularly invested in family matters and offers a practical, collaborative and empathetic approach to all her cases.

Sarah-Mae understands that facing a dire family situation can be one of the most traumatic and painful experiences in an individual’s life. Sarah-Mae firmly believes that clients can experience immense hope and freedom with the right perspective and support systems.


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