The Firm

Sanders Law LLC was incorporated in September 2016 by Mr Sarbrinder Singh who brings with him 23 years of experience in the areas of Civil Litigation, Divorce & Family Matters, Criminal Law, Accident & Personal Injury Claims and General Litigation.

We deliver client oriented legal services and advise on a broad range of matters. Sanders Law LLC is a firm of hardworking lawyers who give importance to every case and ensure that our clients' needs are met.

Accident & Personal Injury Claims

  • Motor Accident Claims
  • Personal Injury Claims
  • Insurance Claims

Civil Litigation (General)

  • Contractual Disputes
  • Debt Collection
  • Shareholders, Directors and Partnership Disputes
  • Tenancy Disputes
  • Employment Disputes
  • Defamation
  • Bankruptcy & Insolvency
  • Renovation Disputes

Criminal Law

  • Penal Code offences including assault, road rage and cheating offences
  • Road Traffic Offences
  • Criminal Breach of Trust
  • Misuse of Drugs Act
  • Corruption Offences

Divorce & Family Matters

  • Divorce Matters
  • Ancillary Matters
  • Enforcement of Ancillary Orders
  • Disputes Involving Maintenance Claims
  • Custody, Care and Control Matters
  • Annulment of Marriages
  • Deeds of Separation
  • Personal Protection Orders


Sarbrinder Singh

Mr Sarbrinder Singh was called to the Bar in 1995 after graduating from University of Wales, U.K. with LLB Honours (2nd Class Upper).

He has been involved in litigation ranging from the Magistrate’s Courts, District Court, High Court, Syariah Court and the Court of Appeal. Mr Singh also has experience in advising individuals and companies on a wide array of legal matters.

In one of the recent notable cases of PP v Shaik Farid, Shaik Shabana and others [2017] SGDC 23, Mr Singh represented 2 accused persons in relation to charges involving conspiracy to commit criminal misappropriation of monies from the Marina Bay Sands Casino. After the trial that lasted more than 20 days, the 2 accused persons were sentenced to 26 months’ and 21 months’ imprisonment respectively. Parties have appealed against their sentence and convictions and the matter is pending in the High Court.

In the case of PP v Bhahwatkar Nitin Vasant Rao [2015] SGDC 254, the accused was charged for dangerous driving under Section 64(1) of the Road Traffic Act. The Prosecution sought a custodial sentence of 3 months’ imprisonment and a disqualification period of 12 months. After the mitigation plea, the Court imposed a fine of $2,500.00 and disqualification of his driving licence for 12 months.

In PP v Kim Chaemin, the Prosecution sought a custodial sentence for an 18 year old South Korean who attacked a victim as part of an unlawful assembly. Mr Singh successfully argued for fine of $6,000.00.

The case of FirstLink Investments Corp Ltd v GT Payment Pte Ltd and others [2014] SGHCR 12 concerned the applicable standard to determine the validity of an international arbitration agreement for the purposes of a stay pursuant to section 6 of the International Arbitration Act. Mr Singh successfully argued for the Plaintiff’s action against the defendants to be stayed in favour of arbitration.

In Ang Boon Kim (t/a ABK Leasing) v Goh Meng Leong, a moneylender’s applied to make a debtor bankrupt pursuant to a $350,000.00 loan at an interest rate of 240 percent a year. Mr Singh successfully argued that his client’s (the debtor’s) payment of $700,000.00 should be first used to pay of the principal sum followed by the interest. The High Court accepted this argument and dismissed the Plaintiff’s bid to make the debtor bankrupt.

Mr Singh treats every case with equal importance and is known for his hard work and tenacity in litigation matters. He remains a formidable opponent in trials where he puts up a fight for all clients.



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