Chia Wong Chambers LLC
Our services in respect of divorce and family matters include:

  • Comprehensive and personalised legal advice at the pre-divorce stage, including how 10 preserve evidence, the conduct of parties, financial arrangements and maintenance of wife and children, conduct of joint business concerns and arrangements regarding children, pending divorce
  • Comprehensive and personalised advice on separation, how to effect a separation and the conditions of separation
  • Comprehensive and personalised advice on divorce, the procedure and timelines involved, including custody of and access to children, maintenance of wife and children and division of matrimonial assets
  • Comprehensive advice on cross-border enforcement of custody and access orders, as well as ongoing maintenance and division of matrimonial assets orders
  • Handling of consequential mailers including effect of separation and/or divorce on permanent resident or dependant's pass status, male children having to serve national service, impact on income taxes payable by the respective parties, arrangements relating to personal and family insurance policies, etc
  • Advising in cases of family violence
  • Advising and assisting with the guardianship and adoption of children

Our scope of work includes:

  • Contentious and Non-Contentious Divorces including divorces with cross-jurisdictional issues
  • Ancillary mailers in divorce proceedings, including Division of Matrimonial Assets and Maintenance of Wife and Children
  • Enforcement of Ancillary Orders
  • Disputes involving Maintenance
  • Disputes involving Custody, Care and Control of, and Access to Children
  • Annulment of Marriages
  • Deeds of Separation
  • Deeds of Settlement
  • Pre-nuptial Agreements
  • Personal Protection Orders and Domestic Exclusion Orders
  • Registration and Enforcement of Foreign Orders
  • Adoption of Children



Chia Boon Teck Photo PhotoChia Boon Teck
DID: (65) 6345 0002
LL.B Hons (University of Sheffield, UK)
Barrister-at-Law, Lincoln's Inn
Commissioner for Oaths
Notary Public

Wong Kai Yun PhotoWONG KAI YUN
DID: (65) 6346 0002
LL.B (Honours), National University of Singapore
TEP (Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners)
Associate Mediator, Singapore Mediation Centre
Fellow, International Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers



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