Details about This Service

The Publications Committee of the Law Society is pleased to introduce a service to law practices where, for a reasonable fee, the Law Society will assist law practices to disseminate their office/holiday closure to a list of designated third party organisations. The objective of this service is to assist law practices to notify designated third party organisations of their impending office/holiday closure without the law practices having to inform these organisations individually and separately.

How this service works

  1. Law practices who wish to utilise the Society’s dissemination service of office/holiday closure to a list of designated third party organisations may sign up for the service.
  2. The notice disseminated by the Law Society will comprise a collation of the office/holiday closures of law practices for a particular festive/holiday season eg lunar new year. Non-festive closures are also included eg, closure to facilitate a relocation of office, or closure for office retreat, or if a sole practitioner is out of the country etc.
  3. The notice will be disseminated to a list of designated third party organisations and will be to 1 fax number per organisation and 1 e-mail address per organisation, where available.
  4. Please click here to see the list of designated third party organisations and for a draft sample of the dissemination notice.
  5. The cost of the service is as follows:
    • $85.60 (with GST) for one year (the Society will provide the dissemination service for 1 full year from January to December for an unlimited number of closures throughout the year); or
    • $21.40 (with GST) for a one-time ad hoc use of this dissemination service.

All law practices are assured that even if they do not utilise this additional fee paying service, the Society will continue to extend to all law practices the current practice (which is free of fees) of publishing a list of office/holiday closures linked to Jus News and our website. Firms may submit an online form for this purpose.

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