Statement from the President of the Law Society of Singapore

The attention of the Council of the Law Society has been drawn to online opinions (including rhetorical questions raised) about the Society's role in engaging with the Government on the draft Protection from Online Falsehoods and Manipulation Act ('POFMA').

The Council wishes to clarify certain misperceptions and misconceptions about the facts and law relating to the Law Society's engagement with the Government on draft laws (including the POFMA).

The Law Society Council has been previously invited by the Government to give feedback on select bills in accordance with law. We do not, as a matter of practice, publicize the details of such discussions due to the confidentiality of the process; confidentiality being the precursor to candid exchanges. On this occasion, we have been invited to give feedback to the Government on the POFMA and shall be duly sharing our perspectives to the policy makers.

These consultations with the Government are established engagements to ensure better bills even when we agree to disagree with the Government on some issues. Through such constructive consultations for the benefit of Singapore society as a whole, we play our part to meaningfully speak to the issues involved in draft legislation rather than engaging in polemics.

Gregory Vijayendran, SC