Probate Practice and Succession Planning           

Goh Kok Yeow

Leon Kwong Wing

Council Representative
Tito Shane Isaac

Carolyn Natalie Bava
Chugani Ashok Kan
Haryadi Hadi
Joel Wee Tze Sing (Joel Huang Zhixing)
Kee Lay Lian
Kor Swee Li Abigail
Lee Chiwi
Lee Kang Lin
Lim Charmaine Jillian Phipps
Patrick Tan Tse Chia
Quek Gou Jun
Sheik Umar Bin Mohamed Bagushair
Tan Shen Kiat
Tan-Goh Song Gek Alice
Vivian Kuok Ming Koong

Secretariat Representative
Genie Sugene Gan

Committee Description​
Addresses and provides guidance relating to all matters on wills, probate, intestacy and succession, provides feedback in public and other consultations on legislative and practice changes relating to such matters, and liaises with the Courts and other bodies in these matters.