Conveyancing Practice

Lee Liat Yeang

Chin Bau Tze Selina

Council Representative
Adrian Chan Pengee

Ang Keng Lee
Chia Hsien Lin Jennifer
Chew Mei Choo
Chua Lei Kwan Lina Mary
Chua Shang Chai (Cai Shangcai)
Chuang Keng Chiew
Tan-Goh Song Gek Alice
Haryadi Hadi
Lai Ying Ling Jenny
Lee Lai Yong Ivan Athanasios
Lee Pin Wen Karin
Leong Mei Yoke Wendy
Loh Kent Shin Timothy
Tan Ching Chern
Teo Eng Thye
Tow Chew Choy
Vincent Yeoh
Vivian Kuok Ming Koong
Yeo Hoon Gek @ Yang Bisuen

Secretariat Representative
Genie Sugene Gan

Committee Description​
Addresses and provides guidance on matters relating to conveyancing practice, provides directions and rulings on behalf of the Council relating to conveyancing practice disputes referred to it by members, provides feedback in public and other consultations on legislative and practice changes in conveyancing practice, and liaises with the Courts and other bodies on such matters.