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Law Society's outreach to the wider community
Access to justice is a core component of the Law Society of Singapore’s mission. Since its inception, it has spearheaded several initiatives towards this goal. More>>
Legal regulators meet to discuss emerging trends in a borderless world
Regulators from various jurisdictions including England & Wales, Australia, Canada, United States, Qatar, New Zealand, South Africa, Nigeria, Kenya, Scotland and Hong Kong, will converge on Singapore for the 6th edition of the International Conference of Legal Regulators. More>>
Investment treaty arbitration spurred by third-party funding
IBA Young Lawyers’ Committee and the IBA Law Students’ Committee presented a course on 'The Fundamentals of International Legal Business Practice' on 14 September. It was supported by the IBA Asia Pacific Regional Forum and the Young Lawyers’ Committee of the Law Society of Singapore. More>>
Counter-terrorism strategies to bolster security
To enhance building security, the Infrastructure Protection Bill, which will repeal the existing Protected Areas and Protected Places Act, was introduced for First Reading in Parliament on 11 September. More>>
Carbon tax to combat climate change
Singapore, as a low-lying island state, is vulnerable to climate change caused by rising levels of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. The country is likely to face higher temperatures, frequent heavy rainfall, and rising sea levels as a result of climate change. More>>

Fintech and regulatory sandboxes in the UK, Hong Kong and Singapore
As the FinTech industry continues to expand, regulators around the globe are starting to react. The past 18 months have seen the emergence of a new trend in financial services regulation, the “sandbox.” More>>
Singapore smart nation - how the law is changing with big plans for Big Data
Singapore has set course towards building a Smart Nation that is driven by big data, and changes in the law and regulations are pertinent to that end. More>>
Know your employee
Employing personnel who are honest is critical for every law practice. This would prevent or minimise the risk of internal crime. A common form of internal crime committed by an employee is misappropriation of client money. More>>
Singapore International Commercial Court Suit No 6 of 2016
Tozzi Srl (formerly known as Tozzi Industries SpA) v Bumi Armada Offshore Holdings Ltd and another [2017] SGHC(I) 8

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