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Law Society’s profession-wide relational mentorship initiative
Gregory Vijayendran,President of the Law Society of Singapore,in his address to the cohort of newly-admitted lawyers,said young lawyers have much to discover on their journey of lifelong learning. Mr Vijayendran spoke about the importance of mentorship. More>>
Emerging digital economy - impetus to update data protection laws  
Singapore's Personal Data Protection Commission launched a public consultation to review the Personal Data Protection Act. The Commission proposes amendments to expand the situations in which organisations may collect, use or disclose personal data without consent; and to make it mandatory for organisations to make notifications of data breaches. More>>
Measures to aid growth of digital advisory services 
“Digital advisory services”, also known as robo-advisory services, refers to advice on investment products using automated, algorithm-based tools. Globally, digital advisory services, especially tools that clients can use directly, with limited or no human interaction, are becoming increasingly popular among technology-savvy consumers. More>>
Considering sovereign immunity in contracts by sovereign states
Sovereign immunity is a legal doctrine that a sovereign state is exempt from the jurisdiction of foreign national courts. It is a well established doctrine in public international law and many domestic legal systems. It encompasses two distinct principles - immunity from suit, and immunity from execution against a State's property. More>>
Wide reach of Singapore's haze prevention laws
Transboundary haze pollution has been a perennial occurrence in some ASEAN countries for the past two or more decades. Singapore is one of the countries affected by the haze which usually coincides with the dry season from June to September. More>>

A convenient truth: The Court of Appeal clarifies the forum non conveniens doctrine in the era of the Singapore International Commercial Court
The Singapore International Commercial Court was launched in 2015 as an alternative to international arbitration and domestic courts, allowing commercial parties with no ties to Singapore to litigate their claims in Singapore within a court system geared towards international disputes. A question that had lingered since then is where the doctrine of forum non conveniens stands given the establishment of the SICC. More>>
UK decision provides useful reminder on carefully navigating privilege protection in mult-jurisdiction investigations
On 8 May, the UK Serious Fraud Office obtained a declaration that certain documents prepared during investigations by solicitors and forensic accountants into the activities of a UK-incorporated multinational corporation were not subject to legal professional privilege. More>>
Navigating to the cloud: A framework for trust
As we stand today on the cusp of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, the legal service industry, like all modern industries, is reaching a point where innovation is no longer an option. To stay ahead in a highly competitive market, law firms must keep up with technology.  More>>
Navigating professional burnout: Practical strategies for legal professionals
Burnout seems to be a necessary part of a lawyer’s life – a rite of passage from the world of late nights, early mornings, and weekends at the office with too much caffeine. However, the damage caused by this lifestyle and attitude is more than just fatigue and missing out on a social life. More>>
Singapore International Commercial Court Suit No 5 of 2016 (Summons No 21 of 2017)
CPIT Investments Limited v Qilin World Capital Limited and another [2017]SGHC(1) 07

Please click here to read the media summary of the Singapore International Commercial Court's judgment.
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