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Applying for Practising Certificate


Applications for practising certificate ('PC') for the practice year 2016/2017 (1 April 2016 - 31 March 2017) will be received from 1 March 2016. All applications are to be made through eLitigation or through the LawNet Service Bureaux if your law practice does not have an eLitigation account. If your law practice would like to register for limited access to the Practising Certificate module in eLitigation, you may make an application through the Service Bureaux, which are located at:

  • 133 New Bridge Road, Chinatown Point #19-01/02, Singapore 059413Tel: (65) 6538 9507; Fax: (65) 6438 6350

  • 1 Supreme Court Lane, Level 1, Supreme Court Building, Singapore 178879Tel: (65) 6337 9164; Fax: (65) 6337 9980

You are advised to apply for your PC as soon as possible before the end of March 2016. A PC issued in the month of March 2016 will be dated 1 April 2016.

Please note that you must first take out the necessary professional indemnity insurance cover before you make your application for a PC. You must also maintain in force such insurance for the entire period for which you had been granted a PC. Applications for insurance cover for solicitors practising in a Singapore law practice must be made via Lockton Companies (Singapore) Pte Ltd's online web portal ( Please note that you should only apply for a PC 24 hours after you have received Lockton Companies (Singapore) Pte Ltd's e-mail confirming Evidence of Insurance. Applications for insurance cover may be made from 1 March 2016 onwards.

If you practised as a sole proprietor, partner or director (including associate director) in the immediately preceding calendar year (or in a previous calendar year you last practised), please ensure that you have an accountant's report for that period which is to be submitted together with your application for a PC.

Please note that you have to declare in your application for PC if you have provided any pro bono services at any time in the immediately preceding practice year.

Members who were required to vote at the 2015 Annual Election of Council but were unable to do so for various reasons may seek a waiver from the voting requirement from the Registrar, Supreme Court. To apply for a waiver, please refer to the Supreme Court's website at Under section 50(2) Legal Profession Act, there will be a penalty of $500 if you did not vote and have not been given a waiver from the voting requirement.

For the guides to PC e-filing, please refer to the relevant Quick Filing Guides which may be found in the Reference Centre of the eLitigation website at

For FAQs in respect of the PC application, please refer to the FAQs on Practising Certificate ('PC') which may be found in Frequently Asked Questions in the eLitigation website at

For information regarding the CPD requirements declaration in the application for a PC, please refer to SILE CPD Advisory CPD-2016-3 issued on 5 February 2016, available at

If you require any assistance in your PC application, you may contact the relevant agencies as listed below (from 9am-5pm, Mondays to Fridays):

  1. For technical/system related issues in eLitigation and general enquiries CrimsonLogic Helpdesk:Tel: 6887 7222E-mail:

  2. For assistance with PC applications if your law practice does not have an eLitigation accountLawNet Service Bureaux1 Supreme Court LaneLevel 1 Supreme Court BuildingSingapore 178879Tel: 6337 9164LawNet & CrimsonLogic Service Bureaux133 New Bridge Road#19-01/02 Chinatown PointSingapore 059413Tel: 6538 9507

  3. For queries concerning applications for waiver from the voting requirement Supreme CourtTel: 6332 4244E-mail:

  4. For queries concerning accountant's report(s) and the declaration on pro bono servicesLaw SocietyTel: 6538 2500E-mail:

  5. For queries concerning professional indemnity insuranceLockton Companies (Singapore) Pte LtdTel: 6326 9220E-mail:

  6. For queries concerning the CPD declarationSingapore Institute of Legal EducationTel: 6332 5367 (from 9am-12.30pm; 1.30pm-5pm, Mondays to Fridays)E-mail:

  7. For queries concerning annual subscription payable to the Singapore Academy of LawSingapore Academy of LawTel: 6332 4384 or 6332 4399E-mail:

  8. You can refer to the following links for information concerning applications for Certificates of Registration ('CoR'):

    Enquiries may directed to the LSRA using the online Enquiry Form (select 'Legal Services Regulatory Authority' as the subject and include your licence, registration or application number, if any).

Requisite Payments

  • Annual Subscription (Incl. 7% GST)Date of Admission

    • on and before 31/03/04 $1,123.50

    • between 01/04/04 to 31/03/09 (both dates inclusive) $963.00

    • on and after 01/04/09 $802.50

  • Compensation Fund Contribution* (No GST) $100.00

    *If application is made from 1 October, the levy payable will be $50.00.

Form of Accountant’s Report - For solicitors in Singapore law practices.

To be submitted by sole proprietors, partners, directors (including any solicitor with designation of director e.g. associate director or senior associate director), and solicitors who held/received client’s money or conveyancing money.

Specimen Statutory Declaration

For an exemption from having to submit an accountant’s report - if the law practice did not hold/receive client’s money or conveyancing money.


When applying for a practising certificate for the practice year beginning 1 April 2016 you have to declare whether you have provided any specified pro bono service at any time in the immediately preceding practice year. If you have provided specified pro bono services, you must give details of each specified pro bono service including a description of the specified pro bono service and the total estimated amount of time (in hours) spent in providing the services.

'Specified pro bono service' is defined in the Legal Profession (Mandatory Reporting of Specified Pro Bono Services) Rules 2015 ('Rules') which came into operation on 1 March 2015.

For a copy of the Rules, please click here.