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PrimeLaw Commitment

If your law practice is ready to commit to be PrimeLaw assessed, it can participate in the PrimeLaw Commitment Programme by completing an application form and returning the same to the Society.

Sample Office Manual and Business Plan to Help Achieve the PrimeLaw Mark

The Law Society is pleased to provide a sample Office Manual and Business Plan to assist law practices seeking PrimeLaw accreditation. These documents set out procedures and processes which are PrimeLaw compliant and serve to illustrate the types of processes and procedures that must be documented and practised by a law practice seeking PrimeLaw accreditation. The Sample Office Manual is based in part of a similar publication for the Law Society of England and Wales by Matthew Moore of Web4law Ltd. Documents were also drafted by the Law Society's PrimeLaw consultants, Bizibody Technology Pte Ltd in Singapore and AFP Consulting in the United Kingdom.

Unlike the PrimeLaw Standard, law practices are not required to implement or comply with the processes and procedures set out in these documents. Instead, these documents should be used as a starting point for a law practice to draft its own Manual and Business Plan as is appropriate to its situation, taking into account the nature, size and current practices of the law practice.

Further, these documents can be used by any law practice as an indispensable tool to improve its office management procedures.